8 days new.

Hello there, from inside the Hamrick family cocoon.  We are loving our time off, focused on getting to know our precious gift from God.

I have spent very little time online and it’s been nice to have no responsibility outside these four walls, however, our family is beginning to think forward to our real life in Texas.

I am writing a very detailed journal of our 1st week that I will share later but I wanted to give a quick update of our past week (and one day).

Friday 22 January – Mama was induced due to high blood pressure.  The good thing was, during her labor her blood pressure went back down to normal, meaning it wasn’t preeclampsia.  For mama’s sake, I am very thankful!  That meant there was no need to rush Anna out any faster than a normal induction.

Saturday 23 January – 7:08 am, Anna was born.  We met our daughter for the first time at 9:39 am and took her to our own hospital room to meet the brubs and Nana and Papa at 10:08 am.


Sunday 24 January – Anna was released and we came home to our Portsmouth house, reunited at last!



Monday 25 January – Daddy and the bigs went to a skate park and Parker, Anna, and I went on a walk around the neighborhood along the water’s edge.  (The place we rented is on the water.)



Tuesday 26 January – Anna had her first well-baby visit. She had only lost one ounce since we left the hospital!  Doing great!


Wednesday 27 January – Anna got her first at-home bath!  We videoed!  Anna had her newborn photo shoot with a phenomenal photographer!  I will be promoting this lady soon!  I hope her business in this area grows.  It’s so hard for a Military Wife to establish her business at each duty station.



Thursday 28 January – We stayed home and snuggled until our visit with the mama.  This, for me, was one of the hardest days… I was nervous and sad.  I hurt.  I cried.  And I was the one receiving the gift.  Please, my friends, pray for this young lady who has blessed our family immensely.



Friday 29 January – This was the day that the mother officially signed papers in the presence of a judge saying that we are going to be Anna’s family.  Lots of feelings and emotions, and I’ll write about them sometime, but let me say that it was about two hours later that it hit me: that she was OURS!  That she had officially benergy entrusted to us.  That the mama had made it official and that we were Anna’s forever parents.  Again, my heart breaks at the exact same time that it rejoices!


30 January – Matt took two boys shopping (some of our kids love to shop as much as he does) and I kept two here.  Anna and I went on a 4.5 mile walk and then we went on our first official date!  Carrabbas was our destination… but then we discovered an 80 minute wait so we redirected to Cook Out!  BBQ sandwiches and Peanut Butter Milkshakes! Our next stop was Barnes and Noble… it wasn’t what we had in mind for our date, but we were together.  Daddy and his girls!



31 January – today.  We’re heading to Richmond to meet with Michelle and Riley.  Matt was Michelle’s youth pastor many moons ago and now she’s a mama!  Can’t wait to get together!



Anna is perfect in every way!  Thanks for your prayers and the love you’ve shown us as we’ve grown our family in this super special way.



About Jennifer

"Yes, they're all mine." The answer to the question I hear most often.
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7 Responses to 8 days new.

  1. patsy says:

    Jennifer, as I have said before. You are an extraordinary lady. A true child of God. It breaks my heart for this young mother, that she is in a place in life that she could not keep her baby. But God prepared you and your family a place for Anna Madeline. I am praying that God will begin to work in this young ladies life and draw her unto him. I am not even sure how God plans but my prayer is that that young girl will find Jesus through you. There will be a time and you know that Anna Madeline will want to know about her birth mother. There are many stories that I have heard where children know both mom’s. It is healthy as she grows. God placed her in your care because he knew that he could heal her. You Jennifer will become the instrument of healing. for that reason I am praying for you as you teach Anna Madeline about life – even those things in life that are difficult to understand. I am not sure how this story is going to end, but God has a plan, and you have been chosen to to show this little girl, her mother, and the world that it is not taking something it is about giving. Jennifer your heart it Jesus, I have always seen Him in you. I have worked with many adopted children, and also adoptive parents. The children are afraid to talk about their birth mom’s for fear of hurting their adoptive parents. So they hide behind their true feeling. I am praying for you and Matt as you seek wisdom and discernment in how, when, and how to speak truth from the beginning with her and about her mother. This may be more than you wanted to hear. But do not walk in fear, as I probably would, but trust God everyday. This child is truly a gift that was placed in your life, not because of you alone, but that as you share your story, other women will believe what you have to say, bring glory to God. I love you Jennifer. Would love to talk with you sometime, and what led me to share this with you now. 704-434-6250.

    • Jennifer says:

      Patsy, you have no idea how much I treasure your words of encouragement. We have done a lot of research and training in this process and are convinced that keeping an open relationship with the birth mother (with healthy boundaries, of course) is in the best interest of the child. Anna’s birth mother and I have a good plan for keeping in contact going forward forever, and we still communicate daily. I have a feeling that will diminish a little once she gets back to work and real life, and once she’s physically healed from delivery, but we will remain in contact regularly. I love Facebook for this: we have a secret group where only the two of us exist. We’re not official “friends” on Facebook, giving us both privacy, but we are able to chat, add pictures, ask questions, show videos, etc. in a very natural way. On a monthly basis I will send a more formal update on her progress so she’ll have a fun record of her growth… Her birth mama is a good mama and loves this little one so very much. I ache for the children who don’t get to grow up knowing this about their birth mother. There will be questions and things to work through with Anna as she grows, but I am so glad I can offer her the blessing of saying that her mother and I got to know each other (somewhat) during the pregnancy, that we spent time together a couple of times before the delivery, and that after Anna was born we met again to let them snuggle.

      I know that each adoption has a different story and that ours is unique among those, so I am beyond thankful that God knit us together. Back in August if we had pursued adoption in detail, or foster care, and had been placed with children, we may not have been on Kari’s mind when Cassie mentioned the mama needing a family. Every step of this process was ordained by God Himself and Patsy, I’d bet the thing I’ve prayed for the most (just after that God’s will be done in the placement of this precious child) is that the birth mother would come to know just how much our God loves her. Just as she is; no work needed to be done. Just grace and mercy… it will be my prayer for her forever. And that she would never feel negative judgment for her decision. She is my hero.

  2. Sonya Dobbins says:

    Treasure every memory you’ve had with her birth mom and maintain that relationship if at all possible. We have that with both of our boys’ birth moms, but we never got to meet our Sophie’s. It is going to be difficult to explain to her one day with no details. Congratulations on your beautiful daughter!

  3. Jennifer says:

    Sonya, what a treasure it is to have those who have walked this path before me give me encouragement and suggestions. I just left a lengthy comment above on Patsy’s note about how much I treasure that we have an open adoption with Anna’s birth mother. I pray that Sophie feels your love and that it fills in the holes that will be there. Sure, those holes would be better filled in with “answers” and the “whys” but since you don’t have those and can’t get them, I pray God will allow the love you have for her to be the salve to those wounds. One of my dear friends (the one who connected us to Anna’s birth mother) is adopting from China. Her son will likely have little-to-no information about his birth family… I’m still praying that when they get there, the agency has a lengthy note that gives more details than they ever dreamed. Kari says it’s not likely that a birth note had specifics other than the date of birth, but I’m praying for more. More than we could ask or imagine.

    I pray you are encouraged today… mama-ing is a tough job! I’m glad you took the challenge!
    PS: THREE TIMES?!? You went through this process three time?!? I’m not sure my nerves could handle that, though I do believe with all my heart when called, God equips. 🙂 This was a stressful journey… and today’s scripture in my Bible Study was Isaiah 40:30-31:
    “Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but those who wait for the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary; they will walk and not be faint.”

  4. Janet says:

    Oh, how happy I am to read this! I’ve been holding my breath and praying for your “gotcha” day since I first read the news. We had a failed adoption a few years ago in Texas when our birth-mother changed her mind at the end. As devastating as that was, I can clearly see God’s fingerprints on the situation today and have peace about it. Every time I hear of a friend adopting I get excited and so very nervous for her at the same time so reading of your success is just delightful for me. Congratulations on the newest addition to your beautiful family!

    • Jennifer says:

      Thank you so much! I am so sorry had a failed adoption. The grief is much like that of a lost pregnancy from what I hear others say. We are so grateful for the amazing journey we’ve been on.

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