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The night before I left Texas to drive to North Carolina our friends came over to pray with us.  What a special time that was for me.  I still treasure the words spoken over our journey, our travel-journey and our adoption-journey.  We are so blessed and thankful for these people, and many more at Fort Hood (and beyond) who have prayed for us each step of the way.

I can honestly say my anxiety has shrunk with each mile I got closer to our daughter.  Today, the day before her due date, I am fairly calm.  Every now and then I feel my heart race, but that could be caffeine.  Nah.  I’m positive it’s sheer excitement.  We could be meeting our little girl tomorrow!  At any moment now, and we’re all here together so we’re ready!

Let me recap the last week for my own journaling purposes, but also so that those who aren’t on Facebook can catch up with what’s going on.

Last week we arrived at my parents house and I was able to relax a great deal.  Knowing that we were 5.5 hours driving time from our little girl was fantastic.   My mom had the house still decorated for Christmas.  What a welcome sight!IMG_5360The week at my parents’ house was spent riding four-wheelers, eating at a variety of local restaurants, and spending time with the cousins.  Parker and Mason are very close and I can foresee flying them back and forth for a few weeks each summer when they’re older.  I have a feeling they’ll always be close.  (Regarding the photo below:  why does one of my boys always seem to be “making a face” during group shots?!?)


We had a mini-Christmas celebration at both Grandparents’ houses:


I love this picture.  Look in the reflection in the door  of the fireplace:


Later that night, by the fire:


And at Grammy’s:


I received a gift from a friend in NC.  These dolls have Anna’s name on them!


Monday morning the boys and I loaded up and left NC at about 7:30 with the goal of meeting Matt at the airport at 2:15.  We rejoiced when we passed the Welcome to VA sign!


At some point along our journey I got a call from the lady our “expectant mom” lives with and she asked if it would be possible for us to move our first meeting to that evening instead of the next morning.  Of course I said YES as I was very eager to meet her, but butterflies found their way to my stomach and I immediately got nervous.  I’ll share about that  event in (some) detail later on, but for now, this is a fly-by of our last few days.

We were welcomed into the state by our friends who connected us to our daughter:  Kari had a homemade coffee cake for us, a freezer meal ready, and some gifts: which I told her I wanted to save until we could sit and  visit… Monday was a very FAST visit on our way to meet our birth mother.  We’re getting together for real tomorrow.


At our first quick grocery-stop I managed to score some delicious UTZ chips.  Friends in Locust, I actually saw these at your Food Lion so you might want to give them a try!  They’re quite YUMMY!


Our house was not left in the condition that it should have been left in so I spent the first full morning in the house deep-cleaning.  At 1:30 I quit so that I could shower in time for our 3:00 appointment with our Virginia adoption agent who was to finalize our home study.  That appointment went well.

We stopped back by the house where our “expectant” mom lives and picked up a co-sleeper (that would not fit into the van the night before with a car full of people).  How neat is this?!?


I got everyone settled at home and went to Wal-mart for a real grocery/home-items run.  I was gone about 2 hours and loaded my cart full.  I could tell I was only shopping for one week as I only had one grocery cart!  Usually I have two!  I sent Matt the following text with the image:

Still want hotdogs?


It was kind of a joke because there was no way I was going to buy 8 hotdogs for $10, but then he responded: “Sure.”

So I bought them and it wasn’t until later that he looked back at the picture to see why I sent him a picture of the hotdogs… had he noticed the price he would have passed!


Today is January 20th.  Anna is due tomorrow!  I find it quite fitting that I plan to have lunch with Kari, the friend who connected me to our daughter, on Anna’s due date.  That is, unless Anna decides to make her arrival between now and then.

My next blog post (or at least the next one I have in my mind to write) will be about my current feelings and what I’m experiencing at this moment.  That’s a whole different side to this.  Today I’ve just jotted down what we’ve done in the past week and some of the logistical aspects of this journey.


We are 97% of the way to our goal!  Only $268 to go!  Our Interstate Compact is covered and now we’re just waiting to hear what other funds will be required by our attorney.  The way that worked is we paid $2500 up front, a retainer fee, and she has been using the funds in that account to do any work on our case.  Once it’s depleted we’ll go online and fill it up with however much more she thinks we’ll need.  Our estimated $10,00 was pretty accurate for the initial adoption fees but we know there are more funds she will need.  Our upcoming funds required will be:

  • three post-placement visits @ $150 each, done by our TX home study lady;
  • the Virginia lady to approve the three visits done by our TX home study lady @ $300(?);
  • the attorney to finalize the adoption once the Virginia lady has approved the home visits (afraid to ask)

Basically, the big stuff is behind us and for that we are very grateful.  Now we’re just ready to hold our baby girl!




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