Hello from the other side…

… of the continent.

As of my last Adoption Update blog post, which I posted about 2 weeks ago, I was planning on leaving on the 12th.  Sometime over the past 10 days or so Matt wondered why I was waiting to leave on a Tuesday and suggested I just leave on Monday.  He didn’t have to coerce me.

Below is our last family picture in our house as a family of six.


The boys and I left Texas at 11 am on Monday the 11th and drove halfway to NC.  We had a fantastic trip and the boys were great.  I shared the following funny story on our YouCaring website:

When we travel like this each boy gets to pick the fast food restaurant once along the way.  Hayden picked Sonic for lunch and Carson picked Taco Bell for dinner.  At the end of our dinner (while I was on the phone making our hotel reservations) I noticed that the boys had invented a game:  who can hold themselves up between two of the bolted-down tables the longest.  There was counting involved and, while I knew they had been in the car all day and needed to burn off some energy, I didn’t think the other guest in the place would appreciate this fact.  So I quickly rounded them up and headed outside where I promptly initiated a race from the car to to the end of the sidewalk.  Parker won the first race, but on the way back, he slowed down.  I did, too, but then he yelled, “I’m trying to let you win, mama!!”

We got our wiggles out and made the rest of the drive to our hotel.  I parked in a spot that allowed us the space to get more wiggles out without being in danger of being hit by other vehicles and I initiated another race through the parking lot.  In order to NOT win, I zig-zagged wildly behind Parker as he ran full speed ahead toward our goal.  Hayden and Bailey were on skateboards, Carson was easily beating us other runners.

On the return trip, I ran just as crazily back to the car, and we loaded our arms with our bags and walked to the building.

As we entered the lobby we made eye contact with the hotel desk attendant.  She was smiling broadly and I was pleased with what a warm greeting we were receiving.  It was then that she said, “It was YOU running all through the parking lot, wasn’t it?!?” She pointed at Hayden and said, “I was about to call the cops on you!”  She pointed to a large tv screen with about 10 different camera angles, to include several of the parking lot…

She then said she was kidding, but I couldn’t tell. She was really warm and pleasant but I think it probably took her by surprise to see a van full of people get out in 31* weather, run wildly and skateboard through her parking lot at 9:35 pm.


The next morning we woke earlier than expected and got moving.  We stopped in Tuscaloosa to meet a friend for coffee (something we’ve done in the past) and I was able to secure my first “Alabama” Starbucks mug!  They didn’t have them the last time I drove through.

Another quite uneventful day of driving and we finished by arriving at my parent’s house:  1100 miles in 2 days.


Dinner at Cook Out! Yum!


If mama goes into labor I can be there in 5.5 hours of driving.  I have relaxed a bit with that fact… the chances I’ll make it in time just increased quite a bit.  As far as relaxing, I plan on playing with the boys as much as I can.  We have ridden four-wheelers and I have a game of Ticket to Ride in store for the afternoon. Over the past few weeks I have been quite focused on adoption paperwork (some of it we were told about at the last-minute) and then school, then packing, and then driving.  In just a short time I’ll be pretty focused on a newborn.  I am really going to try to spend these next few days focusing on the boys.  They’re incredible and before their worlds are rocked, I want them to know that I think they’re pretty awesome.

We’re 95% toward our goal and are just so appreciative.  I thank you for every gift and love the thought that we are so close to our financial goal AND to the goal of adding a little girl to our family!



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