A reveal: her name and her nursery

We haven’t been keeping her name a secret, necessarily, but since we are in a situation where we have a sweet birth mother’s privacy to consider, we’ve wanted to be sensitive about what we do share.

Now that I’m about to share pictures of her nursery, you’re going to learn her name because it decorates her wall.  Welcome to a tour of the nursery!


One day I’ll tell you why we picked this name but that’s for another blog post.

Now, here’s a tour of Anna’s room:
_JEN7830 _JEN7831 _JEN7842 _JEN7840 _JEN7854 _JEN7856 _JEN7866 _JEN7860 _JEN7843 _JEN7852IMG_9701This outfit will one day have its own blog post.  It hangs to the right of the changing table, but I couldn’t get a really good picture because of the lamp.


This is the outfit that the baby girl was wearing when Matt first said it was time to adopt. That was in August, 2015. A week later, our dreams were dashed, due to costs. Just a few months later, we heard of our Anna and now we are so ready to meet her! The mother of the baby I was holding gave me the outfit once her daughter outgrew it. It’s a treasure to me!

Matt and I will convert the toddler bed back into a crib very soon.

I shared these pictures of the nursery with our birth mother last night and she LOVED them!  I wanted her to have the first peek.

I want to give a huge shout-out to my mom who made all of this happen.  I had most of the ideas but she knows how to implement them, and when I was short on ideas (the pillows) she create something out of nothing.  She’s good like that.

To find out where we are on our fundraiser, click HERE.  We’re $12 way from a pretty big milestone.

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5 Responses to A reveal: her name and her nursery

  1. Christy says:

    I was already crying with tears of joy this morning…this post has only extended my joy! God is so very good!

  2. Judy Gloy says:

    Love to you all. “Anna” is the perfect name. I LOVE it. My middle name is “Anne” – after my mother. Our granddaugter, Marcy (Marcella) has the middle name of Anne as well. I have always loved all the variations of “Ann”. It’s beautiful!

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