A pumpkin, a tree, and an update.

Parker made this adorable pumpkin at PWOC before Thanksgiving.  On each orange strip of paper the teacher wrote something Parker is thankful for.

Be. Still. My. Heart.


I knew this fragile pumpkin wouldn’t survive long in our house so I  made sure to get a few good shots of each strip to save for all time.  It’s a special treasure.

On the day after Thanksgiving we set up our Christmas decorations.  This is a very special day for our family, a tradition we take wherever we live, and Parker is old enough to help us decorate.  Carson spent the day behind the camera & these pictures are thanks to his budding photography skills.

And our finished tree:


We are really enjoying the Christmas season and we have an expectation of great things in 2016.  Our excitement is growing daily as the pink things in our house are multiplying.  Case in point:


This is one gift a friend dropped off last week.  The pink basket is the shade of pink I’m using in the nursery and it was full of goodies.  We have gotten so many gifts that we really have very little we need to buy, in the way of large baby items.  We’re heading tomorrow to Austin to buy the bedding for the crib (I had my eye on a specific set and I found it for half off at Babies R Us).

My parents are here right now, they arrived yesterday, and we have been busy making plans for the nursery.  My dad revamped Bailey’s room as he’s now sharing his room with Parker.  Bailey has a new loft bed which makes for more floor space… something he lost when he gained a roomie.

As for an adoption update:

We are at 75% of what we expect to need.  I am still blown away when I see the total gifts that have come in.  I keep a very detailed Excel spreadsheet and have every penny accounted for.  We have received $7516 and have paid out $6151, leaving around $1300 for us to put toward our Interstate Compact Agreement (which will cost $2500).

Thank you is not sufficient.

This upcoming week we expect to see a rough draft of our home study.  We know it was submitted to the Agency’s lead case worker for review on Friday, which means any day now we could get it for our own review.  We send it back with any changes and then within a week we should have the final draft.

Baby’s heart-rate was 135 last week.  Mama and I chat daily, even if just briefly.  Every time we do my heart is warmed.

I’ll update when we receive the home-study and let you know what else is happening in our adoption adventure.

To see where we are in the Fundraiser, click HERE.

~Merry Christmas!


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