Plan To Eat – Black Friday Sale

Plan-To-Eat Black Friday Sale: Half-off!! $20.

I have so many thoughts running through my mind, but for the moment, I want to share about a tool that has revolutionized my life!  PlanToEat is making my meal planning so much easier.

I don’t have the time to a full review of the website, but I will give it my stamp of approval. I have been using this since May and have found it to be the best way to organize my recipes, create my meal plans for any amount of time (one day, one week, three months… whatever I need).

It lets me tag my recipes so that when I want to find recipes that match my needs I can search easily.  For example, for Thanksgiving, I was able to search for “thanksgiving” and all my must-make recipes popped up.  I dragged them onto the same day and printed out a grocery list all in about 2 minutes.

I have meals tagged for taking on the road for soccer nights which I needed on Tuesdays this past semester.

And because I knew the months of October, November, and December were going to be crazy, I created my meal plans for three months.  I shop every two weeks and all I have to do now is print out the grocery list for the dates I’m shopping for.  Changing my mind on what we’re going to have one night is no big deal.  If I look ahead at the next two weeks and realize a party has been added so I need to make a change, it’s as easy as changing the menu.  I love this plan!  And I love that I was able to use my own recipes to the website.  No more using “hope this works” recipes!  If I see a recipe I like online, there’s a clipper tool to add it to the list: easy peasy!

I have found this website to be worth every penny of the $39.00 it costs.  I loved that I had 30 days to try it out before committing.  I knew within one week that it was going to be a great addition to my life.  I love that I can extend my membership today for $20 and that YOU can buy it half off!

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!




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