Adoption Update #1

I am torn between wanting to share with you today about our trip to Colorado and the update on where we are in the adoption process.  Since I’m limited on time, I’ve decided to stick to the adoption update.  I’ll have more time to write about our actual trip later.

I will, at least, show you our first sightings of the mountains on my birthday.  When we saw these mountains we had just heard about the baby.  We had received a text from Kari that told us of a mother who might be looking for a family.  That’s it.  Kari didn’t know the gender but she asked if we we wanted her to ask for more details.  Of course, we said yes!

IMG_4399 IMG_4403

Yesterday we received word that all the documents we’ve emailed were received.  Everything looks good on the TX end so far.  They were surprised that we had everything sent in so quickly.  I wonder if they’re not used to working with military families… we have to have all of that information very handy!

We have our official Home Study home visit scheduled for very soon.  They said that two weeks after that date we’ll have a rough draft of the Home Study for review!  If the FBI, SC and TX background checks go quickly there’s a chance we could have our final draft, official documents, ready three weeks later!  That’s still a month before baby is due!  Praying for all the details to work out.  Reminding myself that I can only control me… I can’t control the government!

Yesterday had my first real phone-consultation with the VA attorney and her paralegal.  Sounds like we’ll be a good fit and they told us that from what they have heard of our story so far, they not only see no red flags, it sounds like it’ll be smooth to the end.  Even the hospital the baby will be born at is considered very adoption friendly!

This morning I made our appointments to have our fingerprints done for our FBI background check. Still need to get a password from the home study case worker for Hayden’s FBI background check so we can make his appointment, but we should be able to get his fingers printed this week, as well.

Your prayers, emails, messages, and hugs are so very appreciated!  The scriptures I’m reading in my HelloMornings study are confirming all that we are doing.  Soon I’ll write a post just about the ways we feel God has His hand on this but for now, I must get ready for PWOC!  I love Tuesdays!

Here is our YouCaring Fundraiser in case you want to see how far along we are in the process!

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4 Responses to Adoption Update #1

  1. Judy Gloy says:

    ❤ The letter is in the mail, Jen. Love, the Gloys ❤

  2. patsy says:

    So proud of you ALL. This baby is going to be so blessed. Praying that God will continue to protect you and the baby as you continue to press forward.

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