Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo

The pictures I have from the Cadillac Ranch are the last pictures I have of Matt and me before we knew about our little girl.  (Gosh, I’m praying that everything works out because in our hearts, she’s already ours.)  These pictures are fun and I can’t help but remember the girly heart I was drawn to.  Normally that kind of stuff doesn’t catch my eye, but Matt and I spent several minutes trying to get a selfie with the heart in the background.  The wind and our height differences made it a comical scene, but we eventually managed!


Before I leave the topic of our in-process adoption, let me give you our update:

Since our Announcement Post we have received one-tenth of our financial goal of $10,000!  Thank you to every single person who has given toward this!  Matt and I have submitted many pages of paper-work to our Home Study case worker and I am currently stalking my email to see when she replies that she got them. We were given a changing table, car seat, bed for Parker (as he is being displaced from his), and an oak file cabinet which is now serving as a night stand for the new room-mates.  Last night was Bailey’s and Parker’s first official night as roomies!  Sometime today we are going to turn the toddler bed Parker was in back into a crib.  All four of our boys have used this crib and it is very sentimental to us!  I remember vividly putting it together in our “ducky” nursery.

I have been in communication with the mama and she’s excited to see how things are coming along.  At 31 weeks she’s having a hard time sleeping.  Oh, don’t I remember those days!  I will be very limited in what I share about her to protect her privacy, but I figure anyone who has ever had a child will relate to this exhausted feeling!  Have I told you lately that she’s my hero?

Just in case you missed the link to our YouCaring page, here it is. Feel free to share it and remember, there is no pressure to give.  We are trusting that what ever comes in will be sufficient.

Changing topics completely:
A year ago a friend told me that one of her “Texas must-see” attractions is The Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo.  I had never heard of it before but I loved her willingness to get out and see Texas even though she’s like me: a fall and winter (SNOW) girl.  She had decided to make the best of the state we’re in and she inspired me to do the same.

When we planned our route to Colorado we knew we’d go through Amarillo, so we made sure it was on our list of things to see.

On the morning of my birthday we drove a short distance to this cow pasture, pulled over, entered the turnstile gate and proceeded to walk toward ten Cadillacs planted nose-down in the dirt.

Not much to see, but it was weird, and Carson was THRILLED to find four not-quite-empty spray paint cans, so he went to town.

Here are the pictures from the event:

_JEN7450 _JEN7455 _JEN7467 _JEN7473 _JEN7476

The paint is so thick on everything!  _JEN7474

I photobombed Matt!12190864_10153849368679474_4997089935336825020_n_JEN7459 _JEN7471

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