TX-CO – Birthday Trip!

Today is my birthday and I am super excited because I get to spend it in Colorado!  Matt and I are mountain and cold weather people and it has been too long since we lived near mountains.

Not only to I get to spend it in Colorado, I get to see Aimee, Cory, and Kayla!  Icing on the cake!

We started our trip yesterday and I have a story I’ve wanted to share from the very beginning of our trip but it was too special for a simple Facebook post.  I decided that here, in Dehart, TX, while Matt is behind the wheel, I’d write a quick blog post to share it.


I had the pleasure of going to PWOC yesterday morning, though I did leave class early so we could get on the road.  Back at home, Matt had been getting the house ready for our trip and loading the car.  Parker had been searching for a few days for his missing iPod and was getting more and more pitiful as the hours passed.  Our kids each have an iPod which they use to listen to music and Adventures in Odyssey, but on long trips I turn on their apps and they are allowed to indulge in semi-unlimited screen time.

Parker knew he was about to embark on a long trip without his iPod and was none-to-happy about it.

The night before I had put up a $3 bounty for the person who found it.  No joke, Matt pulled out a flashlight and started looking!  (Maybe he was more concerned about the peace and quiet that iPod would bring than the $3… not sure.)

Yesterday, as I was working on last minute preparations (powering down the Big Mac, unplugging appliances, etc.) I upped the bounty to $5.  Still no luck.

Just before we loaded the car I brought everyone to the living room and sat them down.  I told them that we were going to pray, first and foremost for safety during our trip, but also that we would find Parker’s iPod.  I explained that sometimes God answers prayers like this in our favor, and sometimes He doesn’t.  My intention was to have our family go as a group from room to room looking with combined eyes.  The entire house had been searched by 6 people individually.  I figured we might have a different result if all 6 of us searched together.

After Parker’s sweet prayer, I assigned Carson to the love seat, Bailey and Parker to the recliner, and asked Matt and Hayden to lift the couch while I looked underneath.  Carson had the nerve to say, “I’ve already searched this loveseat several times,” so I responded, “I know.  But God is able to put it there as a direct answer to Parker’s prayer, so please check again.”

I turned so that Matt and Hayden could lift the couch.  As soon as they lifted it Bailey yelled, “THERE IT IS!”  Right there, under the couch that had been looked under a dozen times.  Matt and I made eye-contact and in that look we communicated many thoughts: were both so grateful for the Lord’s immediate answer to our little man’s prayer.  We weren’t shocked that He did that, but beyond thankful that He did.

When we stopped our yelling and screaming “I can’t believe it was under there!  I’ve already look there!!!!  ME TOO!!!!!” we prayed a prayer of thanks, and then for the safety of our trip, and then we took off.

A few points along the way:

*  We drove through skunk spray and Parker yelled out, “Oooohhhh.  Something farted!”  That was pretty cute!
*  We’ve listened to hours and hours of podcasts and the kids watched Kung Fu Panda 2.
*  Matt found the Buddy Holly museum and of course, we stopped for pictures with the glasses and statue.
*  Dinner last night at Outback Steakhouse was in honor of Matt’s diploma arriving in the mail.  He recently graduated from The Command and General Staff College. (Also referred to as ILE.  He graduated with an A average… I might be proud.)
*  I was able to get a 2.5 mile run in at the hotel last night.  Got my 10K steps!
*  This morning I was rested enough to wake early and sit in the hotel’s 2nd floor living-room area and spend time doing my HelloMornings quiet time.  Lovely time and it set my heart in the right place for the day.

*  Just had to stop by the Cadillac Ranch… just to say we’ve been there.

IMG_4383 IMG_4386
*  We just crossed the border into New Mexico and were promptly hit by a massive tumbleweed.  No damage was done to our vehicle.  Hehe.

Our destination for today is the Jones Haus.  Two days from now we’re off to Granby, CO, to YMCA of the Rockies to attend a family retreat offered by Project Sanctuary.  Looking forward to these next 9 days more than I can say!


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3 Responses to TX-CO – Birthday Trip!

  1. kb2atarcza@yahoo.com says:

    Sooo wonderful to see God in this personal way! Chuckled over the tumbleweed and the fart vignettes! Soo glad that you are able to go to the Colorado family retreat. I love mts!
    Say “hi” to Aimee for me.
    Love all of you,

    Beth (and Ken,etc.)

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