Will you homeschool through graduation?

Many people really believe that homeschooling is fine for elementary school, but that homeschooling in high school is absolutely insane.  Many incorrectly believe that the parent must know the topics that their student is learning better than their student.  Please let me be clear: when my son has a question in algebra, he does not expect me to know the answer.  However, there are resources for help in every single subject that you can find.  I am not going to list these for you, but I do want you to know that it is most definitely possible to homeschool your student through high school even if you don’t understand everything they’re learning.

I took chemistry in high school and I can tell you right now that when it comes to Hayden taking chemistry, he will not look to me as his source of information.  This does not scare me away from homeschooling, though.

The following resources are just a few I’ve found that have encouraged me in my homeschooling high school journey.

Sep 2015

  • Should You Homeschool High School? When the Fun and Games End. Lee Binz –“”Can we do this?” “What about college?” “Will they be able to earn scholarships?” And the ever popular, “How on earth will we teach Calculus??”I wish I could give you a well-reasoned answer to why we continued homeschooling through graduation. The truth has likely more to do with inertia than conviction. We loved homeschooling. We felt it was exactly what God wanted us to do, and it had worked well so far, so… we continued.”  ~Lee Binz
    (Jennifer here, I love this excerpt!)
  • Homeschooling High School for the Freaked Out Parent – Lee Binz
  • The Total Transcript Solution – Since I’m recommending The HomeScholar here, I thought I might at least tell you which of her products I purchased.  I currently have a student in 9th grade  and I found myself worrying about transcripts.  Thankfully I was introduced to The HomeScholar’s  website and there I watched a free video on transcripts.  Based on what I heard, I decided that it would be worth purchasing the entire package for transcripts, especially since she had a money back guarantee.  I was very pleased with what I purchased and loved that it came with a 20 minute phone consultation with Mrs. Binz.  Before the call I prepared Hayden’s transcript for his upcoming four years and she gave me her tips and suggestions.  I was encouraged beyond explanation after this call.
  • Homeschool Through High School –  “Don’t be intimidated by secondary education. You can homeschool through high school if you have a plan!” – Sarah from the SmallWorldatHome  ~  I love her thoughts on several topics regarding high school!  Please check her out!
    These are just a few but I’d love to add more.  If you find some that I need to know about, please mention them in the comment section.

One blessing of homeschooling a high schooler is that he or she does most of the work independently.  I do spend about the same amount of time grading/correcting/reading his work than I did working with him when he was in the younger grades, so I haven’t found myself with a ton of free time on my hands now that I have a high schooler, but I am enjoying this stage in an entirely new way.  It has been so much fun watching this transition… now that we’re in it, homeschooling high school isn’t nearly as scary.

Lee Binz has no idea I’m sharing this with you and I get no kick-backs from doing so.  I just like sharing what I have found that works!  Let me know if you have any questions!

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2 Responses to Will you homeschool through graduation?

  1. mjsanford77 says:

    My husband and I home school our son- I hear this from people all the time—What about high school? Most people tell me I shouldn’t home school him through high school because he won’t get the experiences he needs, meet other friends, have girlfriends, get the right education…etc…it’s very frustrating

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