Ice in Texas

Over the weekend I began hearing rumors of cold weather and precipitation that could occur simultaneously.  I have yet to be so lucky this winter season, so I refused to get my hopes up

Last night at bedtime I knew it was wise to drip the faucets, and when I woke up I realized that it had been a good decision.  The temperature remained below freezing and moisture had begun to freeze on surfaces.  Matt had to go to work, the boys and I did school, though on a slightly delayed schedule (not because the ice caused issues for us as much as because the ice was exciting to us).

We completed our work and during the boys’ rest time I took my camera out of its case, something that hasn’t happened too frequently lately, and I took some pictures of Texas under ice.

For those hating all the snow you’re getting, I’m sorry you’re not enjoying it.  I wish I could get snow… I love to make snow cream!

_JEN5923 _JEN5919 _JEN5926 If I look just the right way I can sort of pretend the rooftops are covered in white stuff. _JEN5918 _JEN5940 _JEN5958 _JEN5952 Even Old Glory hasn’t escaped the ice._JEN5962

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2 Responses to Ice in Texas

  1. jonathanochart says:

    How I miss the Texas “winters”!…living in DC has turned me into a hermit with all the snow and freezing temps!

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