Salado at Christmastime

The past two years have been the hardest two of my life.  And the last few months of have been really trying.  I know this is quite vague, and it must be, but I want to assure you that it has nothing to do with us (Matt, me, or the boys.)  What I can say is that I believe I’ve turned a corner and the past two weeks have been the best I’ve had since we moved back to the States.  I have felt more like myself and that a cloud has lifted.

To make matters even more difficult, two of my closest Texas friends have moved away, and a third is packing as I write.  In preparation for the void I have been seeking additional friends, not as a way to replace those who have moved, or are about to, but to add to the ever-growing list of people I love.  I have had one-on-one lunches with two ladies lately during which we each shared our hurts and our struggles.  Both of those ladies stuck with me and for that, I am grateful!  If you haven’t read Stacy Huisman’s article about friendship-dating, you must.  Absolutely spot-on!  I believe the cloud over me has lifted, largely due to the conversations I have had with them and the wise counsel they provided.

After four lunches over the course of several weeks, during which we discussed really deep, painful heart-issues, it was time we had a fun, girly, Christmas-y day so the three of us, and another friend, headed to the cute little town of Salado.  We arrived on a misty weekday morning at 9:30 to find that most of the sleepy little village hadn’t awoken.  However, one shopkeeper let us come in to browse thirty minutes before it was supposed to open.  The Strawberry Patch is absolutely adorable and I will be going back for some apple butter!  We did some window shopping and ooohed and ahhhed over the lavish Christmas displays by the various vendors in many of the stores.  _JEN4930

We drank straight-up balsamic vinegar, tasted ghost pepper salt (H.O.T!), and spoke with an elderly artist, B. Herd, about his paintings of Texas scenery.  We even got to view the piece he’s currently working on: a family commissioned him to do a painting of their homestead.

We decided on an early lunch at Salado Vintage Cakery and Bistro.  Any restaurant with “Cake” before “Bistro” must be heavenly.  _JEN4924 _JEN4923

I ordered a BLT and a lemon cupcake.  We chatted for quite some time and when we left, a group of ladies literally swarmed our table… before we got to the door and long before it was cleared!  It was as if we had been sitting at their table!  Too funny!


_JEN4926 These ornaments decorated the bakery’s Christmas tree! How adorable!

After lunch we shopped a little more before heading back home.  It was nice to enjoy light conversation and window shopping.  I do believe I’m going back with balsamic vinegar, salt, and apple butter on my shopping list next time!

_JEN4937 Salado Scenery _JEN4941

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6 Responses to Salado at Christmastime

  1. Pam M. says:

    I am glad your cloud is lifting. Praying for you. Pray for me too…under a cloud myself and seeking help.

  2. LouAnne Morrow says:

    Bless. We all have our struggles. Separation and divorce have been mine for nearly the past two years. Now I am trying to recreate myself as a single person in my 40’s. Oh my. I have enjoyed hearing about you guys through the years. I hope happier times are ahead for us all.

  3. I have said it many times but I say it again. You simply amaze me. I enjoyed your story. It is seldom that we have the friendship that you takes about. We all need that. We need to be able to be to share our deepest concerns and yes even confessions. It is good for the soul. Jennifer, I would like to talk with you sometime. Thank your for your honesty, openness, and most of all your faith. May God open a floodgate of blessing upon you and your family. Father, move upon Jennifer and her family and protect from the evil one. MERRY CHRISTMAS.

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