The holidays are coming!

It’s August and I’m seeing Christmas decorations.  And I love it!  Sure, it’s a touch early, but instead of allowing it to annoy me, it’s helping to build the anticipation!

My favorite time of year begins the day I can decorate for fall.  Here in TX I don’t wait for the weather to feel like fall… I decorate 1 September!  I start burning “Farmer’s Market” candles and they will burn until the day after Thanksgiving, at which point they will be replaced by “Mistletoe” candles.  We don’t really “do” Halloween but we REALLY do Thanksgiving.  I am literally giddy that it’s time to get into the spirit of being thankful… for our nation, our families, our lives, and then, literally on the heels of that amazing season, the BEST season of all:  celebrating the reason I have hope that this life isn’t all there is.  Christ came!  (I love Easter, too, don’t get me wrong, and I understand that without Easter, Christmas wouldn’t exist, but I love the colors, sounds, and spirit of Christmas.  It is my favorite time of year.)

I saw about 10 people posting on Facebook that they were surprised at how early stores are putting out Christmas decorations and I made the the comment that many of those who are most annoyed by the early decorations are the same ones annoyed during the season about how rushed and busy they are.  I offered this suggestion:  consider the stores’ displays a suggestion to start planning early.  Planning early will help alleviate the rushed feelings that can accompany the months of Nov-Dec.  Learning to say no to some of the activities will also lessen stress.  We are all invited to dozens of activities and it is not necessary to attend every one.

Rebecca Alwine, a friend of mine, wrote an article for about this very topic.  I hope you will read it!  Click here.


Christmas window

(I have to share this… my kids have no idea about the conversation I’m having on Facebook regarding this topic and yet they’re watching a Christmas show on TV right now!)

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