Two weddings and a lot of amazing people

At Christmastime two of our beautiful (former) youth announced they were getting married!   A sweet set of sisters got proposed to on the same night, and their weddings were scheduled for two different weekends in May.  Facing a deployment, I decided that May sounded like a great time to trek back home to visit family and friends… and to attend two beautiful weddings!

Here is a fast breakdown of our time in NC… Matt was greatly missed.

Wedding #1:  Evan and Anna

_JEN3056 _JEN3069 IMG_4067iPhone photos and the pics I got with my real camera were not awesome.  Here’s one taken by the professional photographer, Carolina Portrait Designs:

10359508_10101143262325228_2487863007592138079_nWedding #2 was actually at the end of the trip, but since I’m in the wedding mood, I’ll share about it now.  Ned and Patti

IMG_4224 IMG_4231 Sweet sisters!  The one in blue was the bride of the first wedding.  I love Evan’s face… it’s like he’s saying, “One more picture?  REALLY?!?” IMG_4236 _JEN3701 _JEN3766Same professional photographer as before, Carolina Portrait Designs:

10258507_711382335567745_2287016958882897087_oAnd now to the much-less-fancy part of our travels!

We saw friends.  Lots of them.  Most of whom we didn’t get pictures of!

IMG_4221 _JEN3194 _JEN3154

We saw family, and loved every minute with them:

Grammy with the boys at the Schiele Museum in Gastonia, NC.

_JEN3599 Uncle Brad and Hayden examine something odd…_JEN3619

Aunt Erin and Parker check out something swimming…_JEN3625Visiting GreatGrandma  (Matt’s mom’s  mom.)IMG_4195 _JEN3582We rode a lot of four-wheelers._JEN3371We went to the beach and celebrated Mother’s Day~

_JEN3201 _JEN3314 _JEN3275 IMG_4140Matt sent me flowers for Mother’s Day.

IMG_4117I taught the boys to mow!

IMG_4161I watched as one of my children became a TEENAGER!


IMG_4078We enjoyed spending time with sweet Madison. IMG_4102

Here you can see Parker and Bailey trying to wake her up after a nap.  It was time to go to Mason’s T-ball game. _JEN3562We spent time at the ball fields!!

_JEN3395And finally, I took the boys’ annual “First Day of School” photos, even though we were not really doing school at the time!  In fact, these were the official “Last Day of School” and “First Day of School” pictures.

We did school until we left for this trip and started right back up again when we got home.  We will take our “summer break” when Daddy gets back from his work-trip.  _JEN3461_JEN3419 _JEN3467 _JEN3484Sweet Spidey…  we spent lots of time in the car.

IMG_4126 We slept in 9 different places and saw many state lines.  It was a trip very much worth taking.  We are so glad we went, but wish Matt could have joined us.  The weddings were precious and the time we spent with loved ones was priceless.  I’m thankful for the friends we have in North Carolina who welcomed us and reminded us of how loved we are.


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5 Responses to Two weddings and a lot of amazing people

  1. Vickie Bright says:

    I just love the postures and the play by play of your trip. I loved getting to see you as well. You are a brave and awesome mom, military wife and child of the king. God bless always.

    Vickie Bright

  2. Your boys are SO GROWN UP! I LOVE their faces — thanks for sharing this Jennifer — whirl-wind (now that’s a word we are familiar with:])

    • Jennifer says:

      Thank you so much! I was just looking back at these pictures. I didn’t see them as chubby in these shots, but after 2 months of six-practices-a-week this summer, each of them has thinned down a little! AMAZING.

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