Just us… (and strep throat)

In honor of our 15th Anniversary, I decided to go back in time five months to the trip Matt and I took just before this deployment started.

We went to Comfort and Fredricksburg, TX on the recommendations of our good friends… who happen to be from TX.  (So they know where to go!)

First, let me tell you about the place we stayed.  We stayed at the Haven River Inn which has as its mission to be a “quiet, safe ‘haven’ from the busy-ness of life.”  It is a haven, indeed.  In the collage below you will see our breakfast.  I’ve never had better breakfasts in my life.  I would love all my German friends to stay here a few days so they can see what America has to offer in regards to breakfast!  So good.  Beyond delicious.  I’ve never had better eggs and, while I’m usually not a fan of flavored pancakes, these banana-infused gourmet pancakes were out of this world!

not resized1We had deer in the front yard every night after we returned home.  Something we’re not used to seeing in the city!  In the collage above, the room on the second floor with the lights on is the room we stayed in.  We had the place to ourselves, and were I to be a professional writer, I could have created unlimited stories based in this house!  It really inspired me and made me want to write!

The hosts were so friendly and made our stay so comfortable.  On the third floor is a fully stocked kitchen so we were able to bring leftovers back, make coffee any time, and store food in the fridge.  (And by food, I mean coffee creamer, which, to me, is a food group.)

Because we’re history nerds, Matt and I couldn’t resist visiting the National Museum of the Pacific War.   We really want to bring the boys back in October for a live reenactment.   not resized In the evenings Matt and I walked the town, window shopped, and ate local snacks (although I will admit we avoided the chocolate dipped Twinkies and chocolate dipped bacon).  I wish I had had a tripod with me to get clearer images, but these were the best I could get free-handing it.  At the very least, these images remind me of what I was seeing… the beauty of small-town Christmastime.not resized2 The first night we ate dinner at  The Brewery.  YUM.  As in, good enough to go back the second night!  _JEN1296 There was reportedly a “German-style market” going on in a nearby town so we had to check it out.  Food was okay, ambiance was not even close to that of a German market, but it was a beautiful day and we were together.  If you’re going there for the feel of a German Christmas market, you will not find what you’re looking for.  If you’re going to check out local arts and crafts and some interesting foods and soaps, you’ll be in your element.   Below is a picture of  Matt trying out a brat.   _JEN1326 We had heard only good things about the Dodging Duck.  I want to go ahead here and say that my memory of this time is a bit foggy.  I wasn’t feeling great at this point but assumed it was just because we had already run a few miles and gone to the market.  We felt a bit out of place with all the college-age hipster kids we were dining near, and I wasn’t really in the mood to chat.

And to be honest, Matt and I were staring a deployment in the eyes and we had talked about everything we could think of, including the elephant in the room (deployment), and were both unable to push the inevitable out of our minds.

The image below is an after-though picture I snapped as we drove by… I was really not myself.IMG_2860After dinner entertainment:  So my husband has a slightly different sense of humor than I have.  He enjoyed the first Anchorman.  I did not, but sometimes I quote it without knowing what I’m saying, because he does frequently.  At this time, Anchorman 2 was out and we wanted to go somewhere cool and sit to watch a movie.  I’ll give Matt credit and say he told me we could watch any movie out, but I wanted to give him this luxury before he deployed, knowing I would have access to the next year’s worth of movies in theaters while he would be stuck in a sandbox somewhere.

It. Was. Awful.
My FB post during* the movie was this:

I’m sure I made my husband sit through some chick flicks in the past. We are EVEN after this.

No. I think he owes me. 10 more chick flicks. AT LEAST.

The comments that followed:
o Friend 1: What are you watching?
o Me: Anchor Man2
o Friend 1: ROFL!
o Me, an hour later: I’m still suffering. Will this ever end?
o Friend 2 from our dating years: He did sit through Runaway Bride
o Friend 3: My husband’s favorite movie- anchorman. I did not go with him to see anchorman 2 (partly because I had a work function but…)
o Me: From now on I’m not going to guy movies of this genre. He can refuse to see another chick flick with no fear of backlash from me. Password to get out of any future chick flicks is: anchorman. Not case sensitive. Matt Hamrick – did you catch that?
o Friend 4: I still refuse to watch the first one!! When my husband wants to watch those movies, I just go take a long bath!!!
o Me: That sounds great. I’ll do that next time. Or anything else under the sun or moon.

 *No one was bothered by my being on FB during the movie. I had the brightness very low and we were almost the only ones in the movie.  Yes, I’ve seen the previews to turn phones off.  It was interact with civility or die.  I chose to FB!

As we left the theater I told Matt that I suspected I was getting strep throat.  We spent an hour in an urgent care clinic and Matt went into CVS to pick up my medicine.  Back at the Inn we went to bed right away.  By morning I was still very sick.  My throat hurt and I wasn’t any better.  We drove home earlier than we had planned and I got in the bed.  An ER trip that night determined that I am now allergic to penicillin.  Strep throat, fever, and hives are not a fun combo.

They prescribed a Z-Pack and I was better by the 23rd, in time to take care of my kids who ended up getting sick!  Fortunately the entire Hamrick family woke up feeling fine on Christmas morning!


Not sure how a blog post about a romatic getaway evolved into an ER visit and family illness, but when you’re family, those things kind of blend together!  In the end, we had a great time away from our kids and we really appreciate the M family for taking care of our loved ones while we were gone.   We are blessed beyond measure in our relationship, with our kids, and by our friends!

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