15 years at 19 weeks!

Why yes, I can understand why that blog post title might be a little confusing.

Let me explain.  Today Matt and I celebrate 15 years of marriage and we are the 19 week mark (plus a few days) of this deployment.

We are half-way through this time apart, barring any extensions Uncle Sam may throw our way, and we have been celebrating the half-way mark all week!  So excited to be at this point!  It’s all downhill from here, baby!

Jen and Matt married almost 14  years April 2013

While hitting this milestone is pretty sweet, the sweetest milestone we’re currently celebrating is our 15th anniversary.  I’ve written this paragraph three times, and nothing quite sums up my thoughts on this event.  I guess I’ll use bullet points:

    • I love our story.  High school sweethearts, college loves, married young.  Not a single thing I would change!

Jen and Matt dating Oct 2995
Jen Matt dating 5-11-1996

Jen and Matt dating 1997?

  • I simply don’t feel old enough to have a 15 year old marriage!  I still feel about 24 years old but something tells me that it’s not mathematically possible to have a 15 year old marriage (and a 13 year old son) and only be 24 years old.  I guess I am older than I feel!
  • We don’t have this marriage thing all figured out, but we do have a fantastic relationship and I thank God for it daily.  I may have taken it for granted for years, but now I literally praise God for Matt and our marriage any time I put on or take off my wedding ring.  (I don’t sleep in it nor do I exercise in it.  I’m not one of those wives who can claim to have never taken it off.)
  • Matt’s mom and dad raised him right and he’s next-to-perfect when it comes to being thoughtful, a gentleman, and helpful around the house.
  • We are a perfect match when it comes to temperature!  We both hate the heat and love to keep the house cold.  Neither of us ever complains that the other is freezing/roasting us!  You may think this a small thing, but if you’ve met me and have heard of my disdain for heat, you’ll understand why this is such a big deal!
  • We are compatible in that we are both natural night-owls.  We prefer to be up late and sleep in.  One day, in retirement, we will be able to resume this fantastic lifestyle.  The Army and homeschooling cause us to reign in our natural tendencies.
  • My love is determined to let me know how much he loves me.  He has already sent me over 100 letters since January, and I presume more will come.  I cleared out a drawer to keep them in!
  • I love that we are on the same page in regards to our finances.  I think it’s funny that we spent the first 10 years of our marriage wearing the wrong hats.  He’s an introvert, quiet, and we assumed that meant he was the “nerd” in the family and should carry the responsibility of handling the majority of the finances.  I’m a “flaming extrovert” (his words), not quiet, and we assumed that meant I was the “free-spirit” and had a tendency to spend.  Through our experiences with Dave Ramsey’s material we learned that our “money personalities” were not at all tied into our actual personalities.  He is a spender and the free spirit and I am the saver… very much the nerd!  I love that we are still learning new things!!
  • Back in February of 2012 we hit a precious milestone… we had been together (including the years we were dating) for half of our lives.  If you want to read more of the ways I love this man, please check that blog post out.

Matt, I am honored to be your wife.  I love being your bride.  I treasure raising your sons.  I look forward to our future!  (One day, we will be empty-nesters and will stay up late, sleep in, and enjoy the view of mountains from our own home!)

C4 ball photo jen matt May 2013


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