Carson is 11 now!

You know you love those cheeks!  (I am aware that I’ve shared these pictures before, But I simply can’t help myself!)

Baby CarsonWhat about these?

Baby CarsonOh, how I miss Baby Carson!  The consolation prize for there being no Baby Carson any longer is that there is a fantastic big-kid Carson now.

I am so proud of him and love to watch him grow, even if he no longer carries around those chubby cheeks nor lets me kiss them!

Carson’s birthday was on February 17th, while we were still on our vacation.  Since we couldn’t invite friends over on that date, we had his party a couple of weeks later.  I’d say he pretty much celebrated for two straight weeks!  Here are some fun pictures of the celebrations and descriptions of what was going on!

This collage is from Carson’s actual birthday.  I surprised him with Krispy Kreme Donuts and his grandparents surprised him by BEING there!  Carson got to FaceTime with Daddy, a very special conversation indeed.27 After we settled in back at home in TX we had a real birthday party with friends included. We all had so much fun seeing our friends after a month apart and Carson loved all the gifts he received.  Do you see a theme?Recently Updated17 And while I figured “Lego” would be the theme, we couldn’t find a bakery to do a Lego cake on such short notice, so he picked a Hobbit cake.
After food, cake, and ice cream, all the kids headed back out side for more fun the the street.  Yes, we’re great parents.  Recently Updated18And you did see Parker wearing Santa pajamas and socks… in the middle of the street.  That’s how he rolls.

Many thanks to our friends who came to celebrate our sweet second son, Carson!

To hear the group sing Happy Birthday, see the video below:


To read a story about Carson’s welcome into this world, click here.

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