Eczema, be gone!

I’m impressed.  As in, “I expected good results, but I didn’t expect this,”  kind of impressed.

_JEN2072 Bailey suffers from severe eczema.  In fact, he had a flare-up that was so bad in January that I sent these images to his pediatrician via RelayHealth.  (That’s our favorite way to communicate with our doctors for minor issues like refills and quick medicines that don’t require a visit.  I do my best to avoid going in to see someone if the problem is minor enough.)

KNsZg3PUQzmJmAlEX1TxvQApparently this wasn’t minor in her opinion and she made an urgent visit for us that day. The problem was, she prescribed the same medicines and creams that he’s always had. They are gross, thick lotions, some of which include medicines.  Neither of us like the creams, lotions, or medicines, which leads us to being lax about his skin care once inflammations are under control.

I mentioned Goat Milk Stuff to the doctor and she was very interested.  I can’t wait to take the following images to her.  I believe she’ll be as impressed as I was with the results.

Bailey and I did apply the steroid cream until the open wounds were healed.  Once they were under control we used Vanicream, which is basically a lotion that is free of any additives.  We never had to resort to the bactroban, which was an ointment that was to be used only if his open sores became infected.  (Yes, I know I’m a horrible mother for letting his legs get this bad.  In my defense Bailey wore pants for much of December so I didn’t really see his legs very often.  He didn’t complain much about itching, and it was when he wore shorts on a warm day that I realized how far his eczema had spread.)

The pictures above were taken before any treatment at all.  We used the medicinal cream for one week before we flew to Germany.  We left in such a rush that we left his medicines at home, so he went three weeks with no lotions or creams.

The pictures below were taken after we got back from Germany.  Day 1  was taken before we started using Goat Milk Stuff products.  The two following are on the 7th and 10th days.

20140302-110236 In this picture, notice his ankles.  That’s where he was suffering the most.20140302-111402

When I look at those pictures I can hardly believe the difference.  Bailey is so pleased with his legs and at how “normal” they look.  He was beginning to get self-conscious and was worried about soccer season.

So here’s what we used:

Laundry detergent:  1 Tbsp per load.  I have even given Bailey some towels to consider his own and he washes them with his laundry.  Everything that touches Bailey for now is Goat Milk Stuff related.
Purity Bar:  I have had Bailey switch from using a name-brand men’s body wash to using a goat milk stuff bath soap.
Lotion Stick:  I believe that this is what has made the biggest difference in Bailey’s skin, primarily because we used it multiple times a day!  Think of a chapstick tube, enlarge it, and then change the ingredients from a lip balm to a lotion.  It’s thick, like lip balm, but is for your skin!  Our hands didn’t have to touch it and so we were both willing to apply it to his legs frequently.  And Bailey could do this himself!

I have already placed my order for the larger size (deodorant sized tube) lotion stick for Bailey to use regularly and another small stick for my purse.

I also tried the bath fizzes myself!  (No, I did not share.)  I LOOVED this!  It actually did what the description said:  “The powder reacts when it hits the water producing a “fizzing.”  Adding bath fizzy to your tub fills the bath water with the relaxing scent of lavender essential oil and leaves your skin smoother and softer.”

PJ Podcasts:  Click HERE and a new window will open with an archive of all her podcasts. (I can remember exactly where I was when I first listened to her Test Podcast episode and the first two “real” episodes, including the one on the importance of sleep:  Great Wolf Lodge in Concord, NC, on a Chaplain Family Retreat – running on the treadmill while Matt took the boys swimming.  Each of the following podcasts have been very valuable and have in some way impacted my homeschooling, home management, parenting, and now health plans.  Such a wealth of information and wisdom in these podcasts.

PJ Blogs:  Click HERE and a new window will open on the home page of her blog. There’s a contest going on for a high-value prize!  Check it out!

PJ parents:  Click HERE and a new window will open on the main page of her website that introduces her family.  Here are their philosophies:

We have a very simple philosophy when it comes to parenting and educating our children. It can be summed up as follows:

*  Everything is a God issue and a learning opportunity (including making and selling goat milk soap).
*  Hard work builds character which is an essential ingredient to a successful life.
*  Each of our children are unique individuals with unique strengths and weaknesses and are raised as individuals.
*  The family unit is a team and we all are sometimes called to sacrifice for the team.

For full transparency:
While I run I enjoy listening to podcasts.  After I listened to one of PJ’s podcasts on raising children with multiple intelligences, I contacted PJ and told her our story.  I asked if she’d be interested in having me write a review of her products in exchange for a few samples. She agreed because I am a long-time listener of her podcast and I was thrilled!  I love to write, and I LOVE to share when I find products that have helped my family, so I was thrilled to be able to try this product out and share it with you!  She wasn’t taking much of a risk because she was confident her products would work and that I’d become a repeat customer.  I love a savvy business owner!  While I don’t have an entrepreneurial bone in my body, I am the child of an entrepreneur and I love to read and learn about how businesses work.  So, yes, I got the products in the first image for free, but I have already ordered more of them because I was so pleased with how well they worked for my son!

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4 Responses to Eczema, be gone!

  1. Ruth says:

    Where do you find this stuff? My son has had bad eczema for years on his neck, fingers, and inside his elbows. I don’t like the prescribed stuff either and his doctor doesn’t want him using steroidal creams for too long because they can cause permanent skin discoloration.

  2. serianna3 says:

    Thank you for sharing your life.

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. Tracy Byrd says:

    Faith has had eczema since she was a baby. She is 11 and very self conscious about her legs and especially when her face breaks out. We decided to raise goats so we could make soap and lotions. Snickers was our first goat and now Oreo. They are pets with a purpose.

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