That Crazy Wrap Thing

This particular post is very exciting for me!  I’ve never had a guest author so today marks a first for me!

Christy has done such a good job of introducing herself in the following post that I really don’t have to do much other than stop writing so you can get to her content, but let me at least tell you how I know her.

One day when I lived in Germany I saw this really cute young mom at the library with a baby strapped to her back and a few other kids running around.  She introduced herself to me and something inside me said, “Oh, man, I hope she’ll be my friend.”  I loved her quiet spirit.  (Something I don’t have.)

I must have done something right because she did allow me to become her friend and, without question I count her among my closest friends.  Here are a few pictures with notes about some of our fun times together.  I want you to have these images in mind when you read her words…she isn’t just some person I happen to know.  I value her opinions because I know her and I trust her.

Here is our group on my birthday in 2011.  Christy is standing directly beside me.  (She made the “Belle” cake for me since Beauty and the Beast is my favorite Disney movie!)  And don’t you just think our babies are the CUTEST?!?
Nov 5, 20111

Here are the four of us in Barcelona – the trip these girls surprised me with for my birthday in 2012.  Christy is on the far left holding her sweet little one (not pictured above because, well, he wasn’t born yet).Park Guell in Barcelona

And here we are in the Wiesbaden Entertainment Center just a couple of weeks ago, when I flew there to surprise Aimee and get hugs from both Aimee and Christy (pictured on the right, but by now I hope you would be able to pick Christy out of these pictures).


Now that I’ve told you how I met Christy, and shown you a three-year span of  our friendship in three pictures, I would like to stop writing and let Christy explain why she’s my guest for the day!

Hi! My name is Christy and I’m a friend of Jennifer’s. I am honored that she’s letting me post on her blog today, and I feel certain she wouldn’t have let me if she didn’t believe in me. Thank you Jennifer!

I’d like to tell you my story.


I’m a military wife, and a homeschooling mom of 4. (Sound familiar? LOL)

My husband is leaving the Army this Spring to attend seminary so he can become a Chaplain. He has a passion for Jesus, and he wants to serve our soldiers by bringing the Holy Spirit to them. When he decided to take this route, I was supportive – but at the same time apprehensive. Because in his going to seminary, it means that we wouldn’t get paid. For THREE YEARS.

Of course, in his unswerving faith, he believed that God would take care of us – and He has. That’s what I want to share with you today.

Last July I started an at-home business with an amazing Christian company called It Works Global. They have a commitment to real, natural, good-for-the-body products. Of course, I love ALL the products, but the most famous and popular one is the skinny wrap. Look what it can do! It works in 45 minutes!!!


Obviously, this is a product that is in high demand. Business is good. SO good. That’s why I’m here to share with you.

I have had many friends over the years that started with network marketing companies, but I never really believed that they could make money. Good money. REAL money. This company is the real deal, because it has an amazing compensation plan and a product that is HOT.


The company pays us distributors SO well, because they are a debt-free company (shout out to Dave Ramsey! Woot!). In fact, they want all of their distributors to be debt free as well, which is why they are offering GOOD bonuses (Get Out Of Debt).


Now, on the verge of our military separation – I have no more worries about money, because I’m making more than enough to support our family. My husband won’t have to juggle work and school at the same time. I can still stay home with the babies and homeschool them, and raise them the way my Lord wants me to.

I love to help people, so I just had to share with you the potential here- think about what this could do for your family, for your finances, and for your children. Prayerfully consider if this is a blessing that you need. I would be happy to walk you through getting started, if you would like to take that walk with me.

If you are interested in the awesome products, I’d be happy to answer your questions about that as well.

You can email me:

or find me on facebook:

Wishing you & your family many blessings!


Like I said, I don’t think there’s much I can add to what Christy said other than to share my personal favorite product.

I love the Greens.  I have taken a break from coffee (GASP) and have been able to replace coffee with the greens and not go through massive withdrawals.  I have the greens early in the morning and then before I go for a run.  I don’t know how long I’ll be “off” the joe, but I love that I have something healthful to drink instead.

I love that I can get my kids to drink the greens, too, although I will say the boys prefer to have their greens mixed into grape juice or Gatorade.  I did too, at first, but now I enjoy them straight up!  (Berry all the way!)

I am not a distributor, though I’m sure if I wanted to be, Christy would gladly bring me on!  But I am happy to share what I like about the product and to give my personal recommendation for the greens.  As I use more of the products, I’ll happily give my opinions on those, as well!

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