4 weeks = (about) 1 month!

It is so great to say that we have one month down!

Sort of… Matt and I count the “weeks” differently.  I count my weeks on Saturdays since he left my house and I first slept alone on a Saturday night.  He counts from the next day, a Sunday, when he flew out of the US.  So yesterday we hit four weeks on my count and today we hit that mark on Matt’s count!  We will be able to say that we have hit a full “calendar” month sometime this week

The past two weeks have been very exciting for the majority of Hamricks.  Not sure if Matt’s life has been very exciting and I can honestly say I am thankful for that.

The boys and I hopped a flight to Germany on January 17th and are enjoying spending time with friends we love in a city we have missed.

I look forward to sitting and taking the time to blog about our adventures, journaling them for our memories but also so Matt can hear more details than he’s getting in our occasional twenty-minute phone conversations.  Funny story:  when he calls me from Afghanistan to the US, we have a perfectly clear line.  However, when he calls me here in Germany, (much closer physically) we have a 4-5 second delay and horrible sound.  (The call routes through the US, apparently.)

He is doing great and is enjoying a little travel  – mainly in Blackhawks.


Once I find myself back in Texas, I’ll write more.  Until then…

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"Yes, they're all mine." The answer to the question I hear most often.
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