Merry Christmas!

I have to admit, I went to bed last night thinking this was about to be the worst Christmas ever.

We’ve had a rough week here at the Hamrick house.  It started with Carson coming down with strep throat.  Then Bailey.  Then me.  Then Hayden and Parker.  Hayden’s has not reacted to the medicine like the rest of ours did, and by last night (after he had already had 48 hours with medicine) he was feeling very sick.  Couldn’t eat; couldn’t even watch a movie with us.  He was in bed hours before us and I just knew we’d be in the emergency room today.  I went to bed as low as I could possibly be.  2013 was rough… I decided that this was just on par for the rest of the year and went to bed.

When Hayden woke me at 0545 hurting, I wondered how the day was going to go.  I got myself ready (hair and make-up people!) and went downstairs to whip up something for breakfast.  If I was going to be taking anyone to the ER, it would be after we ate Christmas breakfast!

I made cinnamon rolls out of Pillsbury crescent rolls (I cheated… I know), scrambled eggs, and bacon.  My family was pleased and I have to say, Hayden was in great spirits.  By the time we ate at 7:30, the pain medicine had kicked in and he was downright chipper, his normal personality had returned.  He ate heartily and we had a fantastic day.  Start to finish, today was blessed.  We had people praying for this, all over the world, and for that I am grateful.

I want to show you some (okay, way too many) pictures of our day.

Today was the day we celebrated Jesus’ birthday and while we hate we weren’t able to go to any official services in His honor, we made sure our family honored Him.

Merry Christmas!  Only 365 till the next one!

In bed, about to read the Christmas story and sing Happy Birthday to Jesus.

_JEN1333 Before we let the kids come in.  A majority of these gifts came from grandparents and great grandparents.  They were beyond generous!_JEN1340 Parker was the first to open a gift.  It was a toboggan (a hat to wear on his head, for those of you who don’t speak Southern) and gloves.  He hugged Matt and said, “I love YOU!”_JEN1372 One of Parker’s favorite gifts of the day:  A Turbo Twister from Grannie and Grandaddy (my dad’s parents)._JEN1399 Hayden’s shoes.  Are you blinded?  We are!  They’re from Nana and Papa._JEN1428 Carson’s Lego set.  Took hours to put together… hours of sheer joy for Carson.  From Nana and Papa._JEN1439 Bailey’s Hero Factory set.  From Nana and Papa._JEN1475 GOTCHA!!  Matt flip-flopped back and forth between this watch and a black one.  Ultimately he purchased the black one, so I snuck back and purchased the orange one for him.  Now he has both!  I surprised him!_JEN1511 I have to say, I’m very pleased with the reaction this gift got.  We bought the boys seven more sets of Adventures in Odyssey.  They LOVE these radio dramas and I only put one set on their iPods per month.  These’ll last us until June!  (I usually only buy a couple sets at a time, so the sheer quantity blew them away.  What can I say?!?  Free shipping hooked me!)_JEN1523 Carson putting together his Lego Set._JEN1550 _JEN1552 Each of the bigs got new watches.  They’ve kept up with their first watches for over 2 years and I thought they deserved upgrades._JEN1565Oh, be still my heart.  Parker loves these tiny Turbo Drifters and the dump truck that picks them up.
_JEN1597 The bigs also got new shoestrings in their stockings.  (Hey, look at that nice new watch!)_JEN1611 I love this sign.  It reminds me of the song by Matthew West, “More,” which I have sung to the boys since they were all babies.  From Matt, to me.  I think he loves me… a little._JEN1614

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  1. Christy says:

    I love seeing the pictures – it looks like a wonderful Christmas!

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