Christmas Letter ~ 2013

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2013 is coming to a close.  As difficult as leaving Germany was, we are sure we are where we are supposed to be, and that every step we have taken the past year were steps God intended for our family to take.  We are eternally thankful for the friends we made in Germany, beyond blessed that our family made great friends even in the short time we were at Fort Jackson, and surprised, though I know we shouldn’t be, that He provided great friends for us here in Texas.  This military life offers us riches in the form of friendships and we count ourselves abundantly blessed.
Individual Updates:

Matt:  The past year Matt has graduated from a career course, a class which trained him in how to perform as a Brigade Chaplain.  When we arrived at Fort Hood, he took the position as Battalion Chaplain for 1-227 ACB…ATTACK!!  He is enjoying being in a Cavalry unit again!  He will serve God and Country on another deployment this upcoming year and the boys and I are proud of his love for his soldiers and his unwavering commitment to God, Family, and Country.

Jennifer:  I have spent the past year planning two PCSes, setting up two houses, teaching a middle-schooler, two elementary school students, and enjoying a toddler, whom I potty trained.  Between the boys and playing house, my life is very full!

Hayden:  Hayden is in the 7th grade: middle school.  I literally had to buy a book to refresh my mind on his level math!  He has become quite a baker (muffins, cookies, cakes, biscuits) which is great when it’s time to eat his treats… not so fun when he has to clean up.  He often coerces his brothers to help him clean since they’ll get to eat his goodies!

Carson:  Carson is in the 5th grade, his last year of elementary school, although he is officially doing middle school math.  Carson is still our biggest reader and I simply can’t get to the library often enough in his opinion.

Bailey – Bailey is in the 4th grade and, like his brothers, is excelling at Math.  He’s doing 5th grade math and I’m proud to say that he’s grown leaps and bounds in his reading over the past year. He is outgoing and enjoys playing outside.

The Bigs:  as a group, these three boys are the biggest soccer fans I know.  In fact, coming to Texas was hardest on them in this area… most kids here play football.  They have to look far and wide to find other soccer players. They spend much of their free time playing outside together and with a neighborhood family we have grown to love… actually, we pretty much hit it off immediately and thank God for them!

Parker:  I loved the bigs as babies… I really did.  But there is something super precious about Parker!  He is a joy to be around almost 100% of the time.  His demeanor is pleasant and he is as smart as can be.  He has a unique relationship with each of his big brothers and fills our family with joy on a daily basis.  It is hard to believe that he’ll be four in March!

Thank you for shopping by for a brief update on our year! I hope yours was fantastic and that 2014 will be even better.


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  1. Tammy Willis says:

    Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!!

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