Italy 4: – Lucca

As the 1-year anniversary of our leaving Germany approaches, I find myself getting butterflies, almost afraid to re-read these posts. It still hurts way down deep.


After Pisa we headed about thirty minutes away to a nearby town called Lucca.  I have to say… of all the towns we visited, Lucca ranks up there as one of the cutest.  I wish we had had more time to explore.

The reason we went there was because we had studied the Italian composer, Giacomo Puccini, and this was his hometown.  We ate at a restaurant that was named after one of his pieces:  Madame Butterfly.

As we waited Parker played with his “Whiting” and “Miss-ile.”  He was resting his head on the table and watching the car as it drove over the menu.  

And this is what Parker looks like when we say the blessing.  We all have to peek to watch him and sometimes we say an extra long prayer just to enjoy this expression a little longer.  We are pretty smitten with him.  

Here the…

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