Road Trip | Luling, Texas

Bet you’re wondering where in world Luling, Texas is!!  I had never heard of it!

Here is a map of part of Texas.  I live in Killeen and we were in Luling, where the “B” is.

Screen Shot 2013-11-10 at 3.18.10 PM

A few weeks ago the boys and I headed south (as if we could really get much farther south from where we live and still be on US soil) and found ourselves in Luling.  At one point I spotted the cutest thing in the world… it was a pumpjack decorated as a football player.  (I have since learned that name.)  He was adorable!

We then passed one that had baby duckies on it!  I wanted to snap a picture, but I was driving.  When I saw the third one, I couldn’t resist!  I pulled over and took the picture:

_JEN0339 As we drove, I raised my camera and took two more shots.  Not great but we had a long drive ahead of us so we didn’t stop again. _JEN0340 _JEN0341

I was interested in these so I googled it, finding that there are several more of these decorated pumpjacks in Luling, and they’re quite proud of them.  You can read about them on their official website by clicking here.

Our road trip did not end in Luling, we were just passing through.  Stay tuned to see where we were really heading.

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