San Antonio | Part 2

Yesterday I shared Part 1 about this trip.  Today I’ll pick up with our adventures just after we left the Alamo:
We didn’t go into the Guinness World Records museum, but we were able to see a few things from the doorway.  That’s one tall dude:_JEN0649 On our way to find a Rivercruise._JEN0652 Tired before we ever boarded the boat!DSC_6618 He fell asleep during the cruise and spent the rest of the evening on my back.  Love the Ergo!


The Riverwalk has made San Antonio my favorite city in Texas so far. I look forward to coming back here several times!


San Fernando Cathedral, which is the oldest cathedral in the US. _JEN0702 And here’s where the surprise happened.  When we finished with San Antonio, instead of checking into a hotel we drove back toward home.  We got Mom, Dad, and my boys checked into a hotel just a few minutes from Jessica’s house. Then I left them there and headed for Jessica’s.  We sat and chatted for several hours before we just couldn’t stay awake any longer. I woke up to this:  She had purchased coffee for me and had it all ready for me to heat up in the morning.



Fun story about the Austin mug: Last time my parents were here we went to Austin to see the bats. By the time we finished the bat cruise, Starbucks had closed for the night. Jessica didn’t know that but had gotten this for me just in case!

We took her boys over to the hotel and let them all swim for an hour or so.

IMG_2453 Then we headed to the man-store of the century:  Cabela’s.  It is huge!IMG_2455 There’s an aquarium inside!IMG_2456DSC_6694 And a shooting range!IMG_2478 After a couple of hours looking around and playing we ate lunch at Cracker Barrel.  I love meatloaf but my family doesn’t, so I took the opportunity to enjoy that meal!! Great trip to San Antonio and we will certainly go back again.  (We actually go back later this month for a marriage retreat!  I’m thinking Matt needs to try Mi Tierra!)

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