San Antonio | Part 1

Like I said yesterday, my parents, kids, and I headed to San Antonio for a night.  We had two sights we wanted to see:  The Alamo and the Riverwalk.  Oh, wait.  Three.  We were told by two different people (in two different states) that we had to eat at Mi Tierra.


We were not disappointed in that recommendation!  In fact, it was the first stop out of the three.  Hayden and I shared the Fajita plate (not even the Fajitas for two… that would have fed all of us!) and it was delicious!!  Los trovadores sang to me for my birthday!  IMG_2443 Sopapillas con honig.   Okay, I couldn’t remember the Spanish word for honey… I used the German one.  (Googled it…  miel?)IMG_2447

That was one delicious meal!

On our way to see the Alamo we passed a Starbucks and I was able to purchase their last San Antonio mug.  They were kind enough to hold it for me while we toured the city so that I didn’t have to carry it all day.

_JEN0622We stopped back by after the Alamo to pick it up.  By then our meals had digested and we enjoyed a few pumpkin spice drinks and some hot chocolate!


On our way to the Alamo:_JEN0617 We found it!_JEN0626 _JEN0644 _JEN0641

Tomorrow I’ll post the rest of the pictures from this super-fun trip!

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