My birthday, 2013

What a great birthday!  I know there are very few things that could top being surprised with a trip to Barcelona, Spain with your girls, but this year I honestly feel just as loved as I did last.  The gifts may not been as extravagant, and I’ve assured all the loved ones in my life that I am topped up for life on the “gifts” love tank, so just letting me know they’re thinking of me is sufficient forevermore!

With that said, I wanted to share a few of the birthday gifts/well wishes/etc with you because they mean so much to me.

First, my parents were here!  They scheduled this trip to be here on my birthday.  It’s been many years since we celebrated my birthday WITH one another.  They’re kinda responsible for my birth so it was nice to get to celebrate with them.

Second, I woke up to a video made by my girls that had me crying.  I cry every. time. I. watch.  I love it and treasure it.  Even the song that plays in the background means something to me and I have no idea if they picked it for that reason or for its catchy tune. (Thank you Christy, Aimee, and Jessica!!)

Third, I was able to host new friends in my home over a meal I love but only make about once a year:  Frogmore Stew.  I love that my new friends had mutual friends and connected immediately.  We’ll have to get together several more times before one of us PCSes… I really love that my husband was able to have “guy” talk for the first time in months.  YAY!

DSC_6514 DSC_6511 DSC_6527 DSC_6524

Fourth, I got cards in the mail and a few packages, too.

  1. One package came from my cousin-but-was-supposed-to-be-my-sister, Marcy.  She had an entire box filled with things that I love, including two baggies of NC leaves that were bright colors (at least they were when she packaged them for me) and one baggie of acorns.  Those I have added to my fall centerpiece on my island.  Everything in Marcy’s package was representative of something either Fall-y, Christmas-y, or birthday-y.  It was precious!  IMG_2434
  2. The other package I received was from Aimee and had delicious German treats and you can imagine how fast those went.  Yes, I shared!  If not, I would be eating them for months!  IMG_2487

Finally, we took a trip to San Antonio (wait… I just have to say this.  My Aunt’s name is “Antonia” and I type her name every single time I write San Antonio.  I thought I’d say that here since I just made that mistake… Want to travel down an even deeper rabbit trail?!?  Her name isn’t pronounced like Antonio… it’s “An-tuh-knee-uh” with the emphasis on the “knee.”)… anyway.  We took a trip to San Antonio for a night and my parents gave me a little surprise.  Instead of staying in San Antonio, we headed back toward home and spent the night in Jessica’s town.  I got to have a sleep-over with one of my girls!!  The one I didn’t get to see ON my last birthday, I got to see on THIS birthday! Mom and Dad kept the bigs at the hotel and then we woke up and had more fun, which I’ll write about in another post.

This birthday was a great one and I feel so loved.  Thank you for the 100+ birthday wishes on Facebook and for the cards, texts, and messages you sent!

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