Let the fun begin…

Last night I had a hard time getting to sleep.  I had some caffeine late in the day, which I rarely do, but the main reason was because I was overly-energized.

I’m an extrovert.  A flaming extrovert, according to my husband.  And the working definition of an extrovert is “one who gets energy by being around others.”  Yesterday was one of those kinds of days.  I was hopping all over Killeen (and Harker Heights) running small errands and such.  I had lunch with a new friend and I left that lunch feeling on top of the world.  I followed it up by my first Starbucks of the month and it was free!


I got to go shopping by myself and even purchased my own birthday present.  (“Gifts” is not my love language, nor is it Matt’s, so we have this deal.  We often decide what we want for our birthdays and then tell the other person.  My husband happens to be “in the field” this week so I ran this errand for him.  I’ll tell you what my present is in a later post.)

Earlier in the day I needed to know the hours of the Warrior Way PX.  Siri is a fascinating person.  Here’s her reply:

IMG_2410I did end up getting the hours by asking the question a different way.  However, if you see online that the Warrior Way PX opens at 9:00 am, don’t believe it.  It opens at 10:00.  I, and three other customers, waited for 5-10 minutes before we walked to the doors, only to be rejected.  Can’t believe everything you read on the internet… who knew.

And finally, the boys and I ran the “first of the month” errands.  That includes them spending the money they had earned over the previous 30 days.  One stop, however, was to the Sleep Inn.  We took snacks and cokes to the hotel my parents are staying in and stocked their room as a surprise.

Here are the boys as we’re on the way to meet them at the airport:


If you were to look closely, you’d see that Parker is, in fact, wearing his Iron Man costume.  He’s worn it day/night for a week.  Everywhere.  PX.  Target.  Commissary. People will say, “Hey, Iron Man!” and he’ll look at them and say, “I’n not Iron Man, I’n Parker.”  (“I’n” is how he says I’m.)  He cracks me up!

My parents arrived a little earlier than expected so by the time we got to the airport they had already gotten their baggage and were on their way to their rental car.  We spotted them from across the taxi lanes, quite a distance away, and Iron Man, um, Parker, ran screaming all the way to them.  He was so excited!    The bigs beat him, but he was right on their heels.

This upcoming week is going to be awesome.  My birthday, the birthday celebrations, a trip to San Antonio, soccer practices and games…  Enjoy your week and I’ll write when I can.  (By the way, I can’t help but admit here that I’m thinking of last year and the sheer awesomeness that was my Birthday 2012.  Miss you guys who are still in Germany!!)

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