Is it broken?

Earlier this month Hayden fell on his right arm and bruised it near the elbow.  It bruised but wasn’t much to speak of.  A few days later he fell off a skateboard onto the same spot. And he did this a third time.  Each time he shrugged it off.  The third fall was due to playing soccer in the street in the dark.

I have four boys.  I don’t scare easily when it comes to bumps or bruises.  I even handle blood fairly well.  So when he came to me and showed me his arm, I said, “Oh man.  That’s rough.”  I hope I don’t get in any trouble with social services here, but it wasn’t until another mom down the street said, “Have you seen your son’s arm?!? It’s really swollen!” I went to look at it and I about gagged.  Blood had pooled in the area and that made me queasy.

I took him to the ER the next day since it was a Saturday and they did X-rays.  They found no fracture (thank the Lord) but since it was located on a growth plate they wanted him to be x-rayed a week later to be sure no hairline fracture was there but undetectable.  (Over the course of the week calcium would have built up on the fracture and they would have been able to tell for sure it was broken.)  Because he was unsure, the doctor splinted his arm and benched him from soccer.

IMG_2208 IMG_2209 IMG_2212 IMG_2213 IMG_2215IMG_2216

This was cool for all of four seconds.

He was itching to get back to the soccer fields.  He has not been on his skateboard or ripstick since this occurred because he doesn’t want to miss any soccer.  He told his coach that he’ll ride again once soccer is over!

His friend happened to have a real broken arm at the time and I caught them out in the back yard playing a “gentle” match… boys…

IMG_2235The follow-up x-ray still showed no fracture and he was released to finish his season.  He spent a week unable to do many things and learned the value of his right arm.  He also learned how much he hated to miss any practices or games, so he made his own choice to put the skateboard away for a few more weeks.

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3 Responses to Is it broken?

  1. Jen,
    You forced me to read this with your last comment – I on the other hand have not arrived as a mom of three boys – I still cringe at bumps and bruises – and I’m not too good with blood either. I have a LOOOONNNGGG way to go as this will only get worse….it’s simply guaranteed.

    Oh…and just because another mom noticed that Hayden’s arm was swollen doesn’t mean your not “doing your job”:] It’s interesting how everyone seems to want to give advice to me, no matter where I go. Most of it is plain rubbish…albeit with good intentions I am assuming. For me it can be pretty discouraging sometimes. And the whole child protective services world is not supportive of freedom – the parent is guilty before proven innocent. Just a little digression there sorry for the gab. Glad it’s not broken:]

    • Jennifer says:


      Somehow I thought you might find your way over here. 🙂

      I felt bad that it looked as bad as it did, but in my defense, I kept thinking he was telling me to look at a bruise (which I really couldn’t see). I never noticed the swelling until after the third fall. (Which was only a few minutes before the other mom noticed it.)

      I’m with you on your digression, by the way.

      • I remember a nurse telling me she didn’t know her boy had broken his leg for 5 days. He kept limping but it just didn’t seem serious. This job is SO HARD!!!! Gosh, we just can’t get everything right every single time:]

        No matter what….based on who I know you are….and what you stand for Jennifer and ALL THE WORK you have put into your family….no one could convince me that you were overlooking your boy’s arm. Not sure if I’m just babbling here…but I wonder if you know that.

        If you realize that hat because of the exposure that you have had to other women – you have an Army of moms out there who would come to your defense – even fly into the fiery summer of Texas to do so if necessary:].

        OK – got to run…the boys have sharp sticks!

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