Nana and Papa come to Texas.

Back in August my parents came to visit us for a week.  It did wonders for my soul to have them here.  We did a lot of resting, as you can see in this first picture.


Two of the people in this picture are asleep.

One night, however, we took a road trip to Austin to “see the bats.”  You are perfectly able to go and pick a spot on the Congress Avenue Bridge or on a patch of grass along the shores of Lady Bird Lake for free, but we wanted to be treated to the information that the professionals had.  We purchased tickets beforehand (online) for the Bat-Boat with Capital Cruises.  This allowed us to listen to a guide tell us neat facts about the bats and the city while we sat back and enjoyed a leisurely ride at sunset.  We were very pleased with our experience, though the views from the bridge or shore would have been just fine.

The bats were amazing.  We were completely surprised by the number of bats that came out of the bridge.  It was surreal, almost like something out of a movie.

Below is a picture of the bridge from where our boat was docked.  Notice the stuff floating in the water.  It’s algae and they don’t really have a plan to remove it.  It looks gross on the top and sometimes interferes with the boats doing the tours.


If you look down into the water, you can see just how interesting these algae are.  I would NOT swim in this water._JEN0046 _JEN0036

_JEN0052 _JEN0053 _JEN0062 _JEN0070 _JEN0071 _JEN0072 _JEN0075 IMG_1293

We ate dinner at a nearby local favorite spot, Sandy’s. Apparently they have a 99-year-lease so no matter what goes on around them, they remain unchanged.  We enjoyed our food and the custard was really good.  We love (well, love) to find out of the way, non-chain restaurants to patron.  Finding a small business that the locals love which gives a hint of what life in that area is like is a treat for me.  I’m reminded of The Penguin or South 21 in Charlotte, Nonna’s in Columbia, Montague’s Parlour or Josh and John’s in Colorado Springs, Onur’s Garten in Bierstadt, and now Sandy’s in Austin.  IMG_1811 We parked in the city (father than we later realized was necessary) but that afforded us a great view of the night skyline as we walked back to the cars.  _JEN0095Fun experience and a memory we treasure.

And now, I prepare for my parents’ second visit to Killeen, as they arrive this Friday! Bring on the fun!

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