Pumpkin Delights!

Super fast post because I’m off duty today.  By that, I mean I’m not supposed to be spending time on FB or emails or anywhere else but on my life.

I’m having special guests tonight and Hayden and I’ve been baking since 7 am.  He made his own concoction.  Yellow cake batter with chocolate chip cookie dough dropped in before he baked it.  We will ice it soon.   (I’m thinking plain vanilla icing would be best.)

I made a pumpkin scone recipe that I tried out earlier this week and delivered (once I knew they were good) to my neighbors directly beside and across from us.  They approved, so I made the recipe again.  I had also tried a pumpkin brownie recipe, which we didn’t share because it turned out ugly (though it was very tasty).   I made it in a different dish this time and it’s much prettier.  I increased the pumpkin pie spice in the brownies from “a pinch” of several spices to a teaspoon of the same pumpkin pie spice I used for the scones… when I licked the spatula, I was very pleased that I did.

Here’s what my kitchen looks like when I prepare my recipe:

IMG_1961Here are the scones unglazed, cooling. IMG_1963 Hayden’s cake concoction, waiting for icing.IMG_1965

The glazed scones.IMG_1966 Here’s my kitchen after I’ve worked my magic.IMG_1962 Half of the scones and the pumpkin brownies.  (I don’t have a muffin pan so I used a round 9″.)IMG_1967

Okay, so here you go.  I found these amazing recipes at the pages below:

Here is AndreaPumpkin Brownies

Life Full of JulesPumpkin Scones 

(Note: The best pumpkin pie spice I’ve ever tasted is tucked into this post.  I made the full batch and have pulled from it for other recipes, too.  Might want to double it if you have a container to store it in and have plans to use make pumpkin spice recipes.)

Oh, and the above are mom and daughter.  So CUTE!!

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4 Responses to Pumpkin Delights!

  1. I think I’m going to try the pumpkin scones for PWOC next week! Thanks for sharing!

  2. hereisandrea says:

    Hi Jennifer. So great to hear that you liked the scones and the brownies 🙂 I appreciate you sharing. Enjoy your get-together tonight and I have to say I’m intrigued by your sons cake concoction… cookie dough! Yum!

    • Jennifer says:

      Sharing the scones has been such a treat! I am going to make these frequently during this fall to give away. I love them!

      And the cake was good. I make a homemade vanilla icing that was more glaze-than-icing. Ugly but tasted good. 🙂

      The cookies did ok but basically baked into the cake batter, leaving pockets with a few chocolate chips inside. Not what we expected, but yummy anyway. 🙂

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