Christmas Ornament from PCS Stickers

“I saw the cutest thing on Pinterest.”

Famous last words of any crafter… except this time I actually started and competed the project! It required some thinking-ahead, as in, while we were unloading our HHGs.* As things were unpacked, I kept all of the stickers and stuck them to the frames of a few doors in our house. That way, when the time came for me to work on the project, they were handy.  (Here are some left-over stickers taped to the edge of my garage door.  I’m thinking of making a second ornament.)


This project’s directions can be found at The Frugal Navy Wife. (See?!? This Army wife can give credit where credit is due! GO ARMY!)

Here is my finished product…


I can honestly say that I am VERY excited about this Christmas. Last Christmas was great, of course, because we were spending it with family we had missed for three years. The only down side was that we weren’t able to have our own Christmas tree since we didn’t have our house yet. I can’t wait to put our tree up and decorate it with our special ornaments… and I can’t wait to add this one to the tree. It’s a unique ornament that represents our transient life, while the tree represents, for me, the constant in our lives: That Jesus is alive, that the season is all about His birth, and no matter where we are, December is all about His birth. In fact, Jesus is the only constant in our lives.
Malachai 3:6.

*HHGS = Household Goods; AKA: belongings; things; junk; stuff; furniture; sentimental things; everything-but-the-kitchen-sink (because the kitchen sink belongs to the Army).

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