My grill has its own deck…

The posts earlier this week revealed that my parents have already made their way to Texas to visit.  I needed them to see just how hot it was here, so they hopped a plane and checked out Fort Hood… only problem was, they brought cooler weather with them.  And by “cooler” I mean, mid 90s instead of 101-105.  They said things like, “Well, this isn’t so bad,” and “at least it’s not as humid as it is in NC.”  Ugh.  So much for getting some sympathy.  (For the record, my dad did get hot a time or two… and you’ll see why if you keep reading.)

They went back home and, of course, the temperatures went right back up.

Having my parents here did me a world of good, sympathy or not.  We showed them the area, did a few household beautification projects, and my dad helped me distinguish between the various weeds growing in my yard.  He treated the yard for Nutsedge and told me how to handle the other weeds spread throughout.

But the biggest project by far was the grill-deck Dad and Matt built for me.  My back porch was very tight with the table, six chairs, and the grill, and it was not at all convenient to eat out there.  I needed the few feet that the grill used up to make the porch livable.

The back porch is a few inches higher than the grass, so placing the grill in the grass wasn’t going to be the best idea.  I had considered leveling an area and placing pavers down, but that was going to be quite extensive and was going to require a ton of work.  My dad is quite handy and, within an hour of his arrival, he had formulated a plan.

He and Matt set to work one morning and by early afternoon, my grill had a great spot of its own.  Here are some pictures of the porch transformation.

Before.  Notice where the grill is on the top two pictures in the collage.  It fit just fine, but getting around it was a pain for the big people and downright dangerous for Parker.   20130906-201455 Here the men are getting set up for their day of labor.  Mom and I left just after we took these pictures and took the boys to a nearby park.   When we returned they were just finishing up, so we didn’t get any “in-progress” photos.20130906-2014551My grill had blown off the back porch during a particularly windy storm one night earlier in August.  This grill won’t be going anywhere now!dX1c6K9BROapPCYWH9Y78w

My two handy-men inspecting their work.  _JEN0122 And here, we sit a couple of nights later, after mom and I scored big-time on the rectangular table.  Notice the grill safely off the edge, and poor Parker at his own little table, which is located where the grill used to be._JEN0143 _JEN0147

_JEN0121Thanks, Dad and Matt for your hard work!  I LOVE my back deck!!

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5 Responses to My grill has its own deck…

  1. hereisandrea says:

    Great idea!… love the bbq deck 🙂

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