Washing machine woes.

May 2005.

It was a fun time.  Except for the fact that my washing machine had died.

We did our research, shopped around, discovered the washing machine we wanted, and bought that baby, fresh off the Lowe’s Showroom floor.  Used a credit card, I’m sure, and bought more than I should have.

It was a Calypso by Whirlpool and it was wonderful.  I loved that thing.  It didn’t have an agitator, which meant I could wash comforters and up to 12 towels.  It was everything I needed in a washer, and honestly, more.

One of the features I really loved about it was that it had an extra spin cycle, meaning my drying time was cut shorter.  I loved the “Hand wash” feature for our super dedicates.

However, this machine just died.

I have had it for eight years, which sounds ok, though not great, for a washing machine.

But, it spent three years in storage, so technically, we only used it for five years.  Not nearly long enough time.

When it died last week I began researching and found that appliance repair people online (and in my family) warn people to stay far away from the Calypso.  (They also warn people to stay away from Cabrio, as well.)  Good to know.  Good to know.

So in my research I found a TON of advice for and against front-loaders, and I appreciated it all.  If we lived in our forever house right now I would have been more tempted to spend the extra money on a front loader and would have trained myself to take care of the high-quality-though-high-maintenance machine.

Since I know I’ll be moving quite a bit over the next 15 years, I decided to go with a less fancy and yet perfectly capable machine.  And it came today!  Good-bye to the Calypso, and hello to the WTW4950XW.  (It wasn’t even cool enough to get a name.  They call it the, “3.6 cu. ft. high-efficiency Top Load Washer with H2Low™ wash system.”)


I’m still working on getting that pesky blue tape off my crisp new washing machine.


Spent considerably less money on a machine that will do exactly the same thing, although I’m a bit disappointed it won’t sing to me like those fancier models will.  Used our money from the Emergency Fund to pay cash which helps events like this go from “financial and stinky-smell emergency” status to simply a “stinky-smell emergency.”  And with five males in the house, it could have gotten stinky really fast.  Just a financial annoyance at this point and it feels great to have one less “emergency” around here.

Here’s to more than eight, no, make that five, years of loyal service.

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3 Responses to Washing machine woes.

  1. Jonelle says:

    My mom has had washing machine woes too. Her appliance repair guy says not to expect any more than 10 years on any washing machine these days. Storage probably shortened the life of your machines, but PTL for the emergency fund!!!!

  2. We just bought a washer last month (the other was 13 years old, minus 2 years in storage… So 11.) I hated to spend the money on it but old one made a small lake in our floor and Mr. Fix it (hubby isn’t “technically” a fix it guy, but I am impressed with his skills) said we needed a new one.
    The dryer quit this morning (same age as washer). Mr. Fix it doesn’t know about our latest malfunction, and I am bracing for another purchase to take away from our snowball.

  3. I find it odd how I have grown attached to my simple washing machine…my mom wants to give me her fancy singing one and I am having a hard time letting go of my old standby with no bells and whistles. Good to hear you are dealing with the stink regardless and love that this purchase was covered by an emergency fund – “Freedom”.

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