Thunder. Such a beautiful sound…

Wednesday we had a thunderstorm.  For those in certain parts of the US, this may sound like no big deal.  But here in Texas we get very few of those.

I was mesmerized.  And I wasn’t the only one.  I saw neighbors standing around watching the clouds.  I saw neighbors on their back and front porches sitting and watching the magnificent show.  I saw PEOPLE, people.  I really haven’t seen people in our neighborhood since we moved in.  I think they’re hiding from the sun.  I wasn’t sure anyone lived in these houses, and was almost convinced were facades, like in the Truman Show (thanks for the perfect way to say it, Kari!) until I saw them emerge for the light show.

Since it is so rare and was so beautiful, I videoed it, and yes, I’m about to share that with you.  It’s a boring video unless you’ve been roasting in oven (also known as the state of Texas) and were thrilled to see the temperature drop twenty degrees in ten minutes.

My phone alerted me to a severe thunderstorm warning and I was GIDDY.  I snapped this screenshot to share with my Facebook friends, knowing I was revealing what a nerd I am! (Dave Ramsey is my lock-screen!)

IMG_1768 I went outside and did Rosetta Stone as long as I could, until the thunder kept messing me up… apparently the thunder does not speak Spanish.IMG_1769 IMG_1770 IMG_1771 IMG_1772And in case you’re as deprived of thunderstorms as I have been, the video is below, you’ll even see a few flashes of lightening:

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1 Response to Thunder. Such a beautiful sound…

  1. I so miss those storms in the South….so hard to deny a greater power when even your bones can feel the thunder.

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