Parker’s many faces

Yesterday, just after nap, I asked Parker to come sit on a stool so I could take some pictures.  He was totally engrossed in whatever tv show the bigs had on so he didn’t really want to come.  When he saw the stool he said, “Why you cuttin’ my  hair?!?”

(We had just done hair cuts last week… he was one shaggy boy!)


Parker’s “before” haircut picture last week. I forgot to taken an “after” shot…

After I assured him we weren’t cutting hair again, he settled down and continued to watch the annoying tv show.

I was trying to get a head-shot of him to add to the “first day of school” post.  I know it wasn’t technically the first day of school, it was actually the third, but I have let go of some of my perfectionist tendencies.

I got a good-enough shot for the post, but loved the half-dozen or so practice shots because he making some adorable faces.  I thought I’d share.


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