Pictures from our first day of school 2013

As I shared on Monday, we started our 2013-2014 school year.  The night before, Hayden asked if he could get up early and make a surprise breakfast for everyone.  I agreed and so at 6:30 he came downstairs and made cinnamon muffins.  They were the best we’ve had. Ever!_JEN9936 Here are a few of the muffins… the rest were being consumed.  We had done an experiment with the Pampered Chef muffin stone… some with paper cups and some without.  The ones without turned out much better than the ones with.  They remained in tact when removing them from the stone, as did the ones in paper cups.  However, the ones in cups tore when removing the cups.  In all, I think we’ll quit using the paper muffin cups from now on._JEN9938 The only picture I got of Parker that day!  I am going to go take a head shot today and stick it in this blog post, even though it wasn’t technically from the first day of school.  He was lovin’ some muffin!  (It’s posted at the bottom of this page.)_JEN9943 My students:
Hayden:  Age 12, 7th grade
Carson:  Age 10, 5th grade
Bailey:  Age 9, 4th grade94mtecvYQwOsJi%d2yzM1g


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6 Responses to Pictures from our first day of school 2013

  1. How sweet of Hayden to make breakfast for everyone. The muffins look delicious! I hope you all have a wonderful school year.

    • Jennifer says:

      They were so great! I read through your blog! What a fun story you have! It’s nice to meet you!

      • It’s very nice to meet you also. My friends and family love to hear his little silly stories so often and I have been jotting them down in a book, but it just seemed unfair not to share these laughs and feel good moments with more people.

  2. Joleen Hyatt says:

    Hayden can surprise me with some muffins if he wants to…

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