Parker’s First Visit to the Dentist

You can tell he’s not my first child in the fact that he’s over three and just now seeing the dentist for the first time!  I think the others were young two-year-olds when I had their mouths checked out.

Either way, he has now had this important rite of passage.  He certainly surprised me… he’s a brave little guy who has never met a stranger in his life, and yet he was very nervous during this visit.  The other boys did much better at their first visits than he did, maybe because they were younger.

Either way, here are some pictures of Parker’s visit to the dentist:


Parker and Daddy and some enthralling reading material. (When you have five people who need to be seen at the dentist, there is plenty of time to read the waiting room magazines. Oh, and Daddy is seen by the Army dentists so he wasn’t there as a patient… he was just along for the fun since he had Friday off.)


Parker looking over Hayden’s shoulder as Hayden plays a game on his iPod. Another way to pass the time in the waiting room.


The hygienist was great with Parker, giving him gloves, letting him touch the equipment, and even letting him squirt water on the floor. (It seemed all was going well at this point.)


After Carson’s cleaning and before the dentist came to look at his teeth, Parker turned into a doctor and gave Carson a few shots.


Dr. Parker… listening to Carson’s knee? No idea what that was.


At this point I was in the next room getting my teeth cleaned so Parker and Daddy were handling Parker’s actual visit. Parker looks a little scared in this picture… look at his fists.

Image 1

Parker ended up spending his entire visit on Matt’s lap.


There was no cleaning going on, but the dentist did get to look at all his teeth and declared his mouth in perfect condition. (Thanks, Matt, for the picture!!)

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1 Response to Parker’s First Visit to the Dentist

  1. My son was 18 months old at his first visit and it went perfectly! The last 2 visits were not nearly as bad as some of the other children there, but were not nearly as good as the first. His dentist has a little “tree house” to occupy time while we wait. I am not sure who thought this out, but I am sure I am not the only mom that has had to go into the treehouse after their child as the scared Little Guy’s name is called.

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