Our Texas House is Now a Home.

While I admit to not feeling at home in the Texas heat I will say that we have turned our house into a home and we are quite pleased with the results.  We purged over 3000 pounds of “stuff” we no longer needed, though some of it we still wanted… the changing table I used with all four babies, for example.

We met our goal of being completely finished with the settling-in process in one week, even with the multitudes of loads to the thrift store, a massive load to a Childrens’ Home an hour away, and sorting through hundreds of items we have kept only for sentimental purposes.  I photographed the ones we donated/tossed so I could hang on to the memory without lugging the weight of the actual item around the world.

I have spent this morning creating collages of our new house, and now the boys are done with chores and math and are itching to play Dom-i-moes (as Parker calls it).  So in this post the words will be few and the photos, many.


Coming in the front door, here is our living room.  To decorate over the television, I will be ordering a very large wall decal that has a family-related quote on it.  Haven’t quite settled on which one I want yet.20130725-0813411

On the other side of the front of the house is the office (or Matt’s man-cave).
0Mp6oNAUTQqKwmRfcSU3Rg Just through the hallway is the kitchen and dining room.

(I shopped two stores and didn’t see Duke’s Mayonnaise so I sent a request to my mom.  She quickly sent four jars of it to me, just in time for me to find it at the third grocery store!  Oh well!  I’m stocked up and happy.  THANKS, MOM!!)

I’m particularly pleased with this section of the house.  It took some rearranging and some thought, but I’m so happy with the final result.  

Let me explain a few things in the collage:  First, you might remember our final photo session with my favorite photographer, Jessica Ceason.  If not, you should check out her work and our pictures from that session.  I loved them!  I also loved what I did with the final product.  I created a wall collage on canvas frames and they were the center piece of our living room in both Germany and South Carolina.  Unfortunately, not all of the pieces survived this most recent move.  Because of that I’ve been using a few pieces that were salvageable in various areas around the house.  I have a few things I’m going to try to see if I can fix the others, but I’m not too hopeful.  IMG_1621  (Paper stuck to the mod-podge.  Heart. Sick.)

Finally, one last comment about my collage.  I searched Pinterest for a way to hide the ugly thermostat without compromising its functionality.  Found a great idea and “shopped” around the house to create the perfect “Germany-inspired” collage.
IMG_1608 And finally, my Pinterest-inspired laundry room.  sbE4%hB4TBCv3ejfEgoQUg Master bedroom.20130725-081341 Parker’s room.  Ph7SB4yQSNu8Br+UHGJ%sgAnd I took a few pictures of the bigs’ rooms but they were still in their beds so I decided not to post those!

Welcome to Texas, y’all!

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9 Responses to Our Texas House is Now a Home.

  1. Beautiful place! You, as always, amaze me. 🙂

  2. smilindown says:

    Your house is so beautiful and welcoming! You can’t even tell its a base house anymore!

  3. Christy says:

    A wonderful space for a wonderful family! It’s beautiful! (also, many a mod-podged item has been ruined by packing paper here in our home as well 😦 )

  4. Beautiful! I can’t believe how much you have gotten done in so short a time!

  5. YAAAHHHH!!! Looks like home in Texas! Thanks for sharing this Jennifer.

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Beautiful! You really have a knack for making a house into a home. Now, where did you get those fancy jars for your laundry room? Genius!

    • Jennifer says:

      Thank you, Elizabeth! We really like being settled in and “home” wherever we are, so I make it a point to get it done fast.

      I googled laundry rooms on Pinterest and saw some you see amazing ideas. One was to have a change jar nearby (which I implemented) with a cute sign overhead that says, “Keep the Change.” (That part I didn’t implement, but I might someday.) I also like the ideas of putting wall art that says, “Sorting out Life One Load at a Time.” SO CUTE!

      The glass containers are beverage containers I got from HEB. One works perfectly, the other pours so slowly that I’m going to return it. It was the $15 version… I’m sure the $40 version would be better…

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