Random thoughts during this move…

I don’t like vertical blinds but they do, at least, have some benefits. One being that they block out some sun (heat) and help keep the house cool.

Painting the walls was a very good idea… I LOVE the Boothbay Gray!!

Texas is hotter than I expected and, so far, this is a “cool” summer. I still really don’t like heat. Who ever told me it’s not humid here was lying. Lying through their teeth!


It was a great idea to bring the coffee pot along with us. Barring OCONUS moves, we will do that every time.IMG_1572

A basketball goal will take two adults three hours to put together, no matter how OCD-like you sort and label all the bajillion nuts, bolts, screws, and washers.


The best time to play basketball in July in Texas is between 8:30 and 10:00 pm. The air is actually nice outside and the entire family can stand to be outside without being in water.

If you allow your kids to play basketball until 10:00 pm they will sleep past 9 in the morning.  The one named Bailey might just make it to 11.  You might consider changing “normal waking hours” to 11 am to 11 pm instead of 7 am -7 pm, just to be able to take advantage of the cooler evening temperatures.

When purging an entire household of approximately 3,000 pounds of things, it’s really helpful to have Stow-and-Go.

IMG_1603(Oh, and just because the Ergo made it in the shot, don’t think for a second we donated/got rid of that.  It’s part of our family!)

There are always things broken during a move and it’s a good idea to remember that things are just things. One of Matt’s Westvleteren glasses and one of my Starbucks mugs are among the damage.


You pretty much can’t find a household item to replace a hose washer… you just have to go get a new one.

Our boys were able to entertain themselves quite well for four days but near the end of the fourth we made an executive decision to spend the fifth not working. Well, working, but on something for them. A basketball goal, a quick pool trip, dinner out, followed by a Target run was just what the family needed after five straight days of intense house-work.

When I first drove through our new neighborhood and noticed only one playground, I found that strange. Now I realize that playground equipment gets so hot it can melt skin off of a kid’s body, which is why they’re basically useless.

The neighbors are really nice! I have met six of the seven families closest to us and they’re really nice. But the neighborhood seems to be really quiet. Apparently people keep to themselves…. which is a good thing, but I miss the fun and activity of Light Fighter Rd. the close-knit life of stairwell living in Germany, and the amazing playground right beside our Columbia house which drew all the neighborhood kids out every. single. day.

I have had no trouble falling asleep since we moved into this house. For one, I’m working myself from morning to morning (since I’m falling asleep after midnight, it’s technically morning when I go to bed) and I’m tired enough to sleep no matter what. But I think there’s something to having your own bed. Not that that’s a newsflash for anyone.

Mooyah makes about the best hamburgers in the world, outside of my two favorite men: Matt and my dad. Both of them make incredible hamburgers and I prefer those to any in the world which is why I almost never order a hamburger at a restaurant. But I stumbled upon Mooyah by accident one day a few weeks ago and one of the options was to add avocado. Oh. My. WORD. One of the best hamburgers I’ve eaten. So, we’ve been there twice more in the past two weeks.

That last one reminded me that it’s time to get our propane tank. I’m thinking hamburgers for dinner! Mom and dad, hop on a plane, let’s get grilling! Matt’s mastered the grill and we’d love to see you!

Parker’s memory is amazing! We watched a movie during which one of the characters called a child, “Darling.” Parker looked at me and said, “My grandmother calls me “darling.” Yes, Grammy (Matt’s mom) does call him darling and it throws him for a loop every time. He can’t quite figure out what that means!

I love love love being on post!!! I love seeing the crazy-low helicopters fly right over our heads, hearing the horns play several times a day (though not nearly as often as they do at Fort Jackson), and I love, oh, how I love, seeing soldiers and civilians pull their cars over at 1700, get out of their cars, and salute our gorgeous stars and stripes.

I love looking through the neighborhoods and seeing American flags flying on most houses.IMG_1579

And one final thing I learned… that moving is a lot of work.  I knew that before, and I’m weird because in some ways I like moving.  I love adventure: seeing new places and meeting new people. But it’s exhausting.  I looked out my bedroom window, which has a view of the next 10 backyards down the street, and saw a husband sitting on his back porch while his wife hung the laundry.  (I wondered why she left the clothes on the line. They were probably dry as soon as she got the last piece up…)  I thought to myself, “Oh, to be settled and done with the unpacking so can do routine things like hang laundry and relax on the back porch.  It reminded me of my 16-year-old self.  I remember driving around Charlotte in my brown Calais and thinking, “Oh, I can’t wait until driving is so familiar that I don’t have to think about every single aspect… how to merge, turn right on red, how to brake without throwing the passengers into the windshield, how to to parallel park.”  Those things have long since become second nature, and the memory of my early driving days was fun.  I was reminded that, given some time, we all get into a routine and new things become familiar and comfortable.  Our goal was to be completely finished with our house by Tuesday night.  I think we’ll be completely done tonight… 24 hours early.  And that was with taking all of Sunday off.  We are really looking forward to our new normal.

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    Don’t know if you got an empty email from me.. Didn’t mean to send one!

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  3. Monica Stewart says:

    Jen..if you haven’t thrown out the broken glass, make a “memory” mosaic out of it…….

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  4. Loved your random thoughts post! What is an OCONOS move?

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