By the pool…

We’re making good use of the pool while we live here.  Independence Place also has a grill built into the pool-side that we can borrow whenever we want.  Earlier this week I wanted to eat by the water, so we took our meal poolside.

We had avocado salad with homemade lemon-garlic dressing topped with grilled chicken, homemade bruschetta, and grilled corn.

IMG_1487 After we ate Carson got very creative and started taking pictures of things he thought were photo-worthy, including the sun reflecting off of the water. IMG_1489 IMG_1490 IMG_1493 IMG_1494

The following picture is of the boys and some of their friends playing in the water. Because of the heat, we spend a lot of time inside a house or in the water.

IMG_1502And here’s an update on how well Parker’s swimming.  He can go a little farther than this but I prefer to be the one in the water with him when he swims long distances.  (If the thumbnail is sideways in the image below, I apologize.  The video still seems to play correctly.)

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2 Responses to By the pool…

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  2. onetechmom says:

    The pool looks glorious. We have one too which I love, but it’s impossible to take both boys by myself 😦 How old is Parker? Caleb is just over 2 and he likes the water, but not swimming. We just need more opportunity to take him.

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