More ear infections and some Dominoes

Hi friends. I mentioned that I’ve not been able to write much because of our current schedule. I just got a blogpost done, but it isn’t for today. If I post that one, it’ll give away some other things that I haven’t shared, and the other things I want to share require a little more time and attention to detail, so the one I just wrote will have to wait. I was going to write a nice, long update about how our past 7 days have been but about the time I finished up the other post, my kids woke up.

Bailey, who is the current kid suffering with an ear infection, has invited me to play a game of Dominoes. Since it’s summer and I can, I think I’ll go play with him. No joke… he keeps talking to me and I just had to stop him so I could finish this sentence. I said, “Bay… hold that thought. Tell me all about that video dad showed you yesterday while we’re playing the game. Let me finish this paragraph and we’ll play and talk…”

I’m about ready for ear infections to leave this household. I think I may require the wax ear-plugs for the rest of our summer! Well, he’s asking if I’m done, so I’m outta here!


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"Yes, they're all mine." The answer to the question I hear most often.
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One Response to More ear infections and some Dominoes

  1. Evelyn says:

    Hey Jennifer,

    Here is a little trick I use with my kids. The pool brings on the ear infections like crazy. Hydrogen peroxide in the ears after each pool trip usually calms them down. I had a pediatrician tell me that after Gabriels 10th ear infection! Yup! Worked like a charm! Give it a try. Hope you all are having a blast. I found out that the name of the mom in your old house is Jennifer! HOw about that! LOL

    Miss you all,

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