Our “Vacation-Mode” schedule

How in the world do I catch this “journal” up on the goings on of the past week.  There’s just no way to do so in one post, so this one will just tell you a little about what our “new-normal/life-on-vacation-mode” schedule looks like.


I’m in a relaxing state of mind since I don’t have a full house to take care of.  I haven’t been waking up early like I do when we’re on our real schedule.  That means I don’t have time to write.  I despise the “I don’t have time to” excuse, so let me explain.  I know there is time in my day, but I am really making a concerted effort to not be on the computer while the boys are up and around.  They are currently playing basketball on the apartment’s basketball court, so I have a brief moment to write.

Our days have been loosely scheduled like this:

8:00 – Wake and eat breakfast
8:30 – Chores (each kid has one family-chore like laundry, sweeping, or dishes, and then each of the bigs is responsible for his bedroom and bathroom.)
9:00 – Math.  Yes, even during the summer.  Not once have they complained about this. The main reason I’ve kept this in our day is to keep us from suffering from the boredom that is inevitable during the summer, especially when the boys are stuck inside for much of the day.  We don’t have nearby playgrounds they can walk to, they can’t swim without me, and it’s often too hot to play BB or soccer.  So, to fill our time inside, we do school. OH, and I forgot to mention that July is a no-apps-allowed month.  I had this idea several weeks ago and, just in time, a friend mentioned on FB how to hide all apps on the boys’ iPods.  PERFECT!  Now their iPods are simply for music.  Blessed trick!  (Thank you Tracy!)
9:30  –  Pool-prep.  (Sunscreen, gathering stuff, etc.)
10:00 – POOL!!!!
11:30 – Lunch, showers, clean up from lunch, etc.
1:00 – Rest-time.
3:30 – TV  And by TV I mean Netflix since we have decided NOT to get cable.  Ever. Again.  (I say that now, and I can’t imagine breaking this in the future, but we are so fed up with television and the messages the shows have.  Add to that the commercials might as well be rated R.  Might not want to get me started… I may never stop…)
4:00 – Dinner-prep  (I’ve started doing emeals and LOVE it.  I selected the “Clean Eating” plan.)
5:00-6:00 – Dinner
After Dinner – whatever post-dinner activity we come up with… pool, Redbox movie, ice cream run to absolutely negate any clean-eating we had done for dinner.

The only time I’ve had to write has been during the boys’ rest time and much of that time has been spent preparing for our upcoming move.  At first I was gathering the items I needed to borrow for our Social Experiment.  Then I was researching Spanish tutors (can I say exPENsive), then I spent several days getting us dental appointments and making a few appointments for the boys for various health issues.  NOT TO MENTION the several days we had battling fevers, strep throat, ear infections…

I have been less-than-motivated to work out due to the heat, and am so thankful for the gym here at the apartment complex.  I need to be there right now, actually, but I’m bound and determined to write this post.  The reason I’m so eager to get this documented is because, since this is our family journal, I want to get it recorded before some major changes come our way… that’s a hint that some things are about to happen!  If you’re friends with me on FB, you already know the surprise!  FUN STUFF!

I want to remember these moments.  I want to appreciate them.  Our lives are the culmination of a lot of moments and we are in the middle of a season that, while temporary, is still important.  If I don’t stop every now and then to write then I’ll forget them.

And to be honest, I think writing in this way keeps my mind focused.  I’ve felt more scatterbrained than ever before in the past week because I haven’t taken the chance to untangle my thoughts here.  I really look forward to getting on a better schedule.  Soon!

(Guess what?!?  We have visitors coming to see us today!  All the way from ENGLAND!   Yep!  The Hills are on their way!  Okay, they live in Texas now, but we haven’t seen them since they moved to the states.  And I find it so interesting that the Hills and the Hamricks arrived in Texas just about on the same day!)

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6 Responses to Our “Vacation-Mode” schedule

  1. I’d like to know the ipod app hiding trick!

    • Jennifer says:

      Here are the instructions I was given, and they worked. “Go into settings, then restrictions, then set the apps for do not allow. We can also set them for the age we want to let them have. Really does not matter on that part because we have to put the pass code in for them. We turn everything off except the camera. I just played with it until I figured out how I wanted them set up.”

      When you go to turn them back on, all the data is still there and waiting on them. Oh, there is one more thing… if the apps give notifications on the lock screen, they can swipe the notification and it will take them to the game, even though it was hidden. You have to go into the settings and turn off the notifications for those games. Learned that the hard way.

  2. Loved reading about your life 🙂 I like no-app month idea…we don’t have smart phones or ipods or pads or whatever….but we are having no FB month 🙂 We have had a few things we had to get on for a couple of times. Since I am not on FB right now, I don’t know the surprise! And can you send me your email address? I think I have lost it. Love you and glad that you are on American soil again! 🙂

    • Jennifer says:

      I’ll happily send it to you! 🙂 I sent it to the email address I have on file. If you haven’t gotten one, I’ll send it to your FB messages and you can pop on there for a quick second to retrieve it.

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