Soccer 2013

How do I love soccer?  Let me count the ways…

1.  Exercise for the boys.
2.  Team spirit.
3.  Outside authority (my kids learn to listen to and respect “teachers” other than me).

Actually, I think those three are enough.  It is becoming more stressful the older they get. For one, they are really starting to care whether they win or lose.  Another thing… the teams are more competitive and I get so worried for them when it’s their turn to be goalie. That white net looks small until it’s your kid standing there defending the whole thing!

I’m not much of a sports person but I do love that my kids are into a sport that gives them a lot of time to run, play, and they can take anywhere.  (They’ve played soccer in a BUNCH of countries, just by taking along a single ball.  No hoop, bat, or ice rink needed.)

This post is a single representation of the entire 2013 soccer season for all three of the bigs, plus a few shots of Parker doing what he does best: meeting new friends and being super cute.

Hayden in action:2013-04-20 _JEN8456 IMG_0976 Carson in action:20130502-094418 _JEN8547 Bailey in action:20130419-084616 _JEN8396 Group blank 1 copy

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