My Mother’s Day Gift(s) – 2013

I fully understand that I’m a bit behind in posting about how great my Mother’s Day was. That’s okay because I’ve been celebrating for weeks and will continue to do so for years to come.

Here’s the story…

While we lived in Germany most of my friends were on a Polish Pottery buying craze.  I saw the stuff everywhere.  I liked it just fine, but my financial priorities were in other places. (Like getting out of debt, traveling, and saving to PCS back to the US.)

Fast forward to April and we’re settled into our routine in South Carolina.  Then the homesickness for Germany hit me like a thick black cloud.  I found myself looking at my neighbor’s Polish Pottery with… not quite envy, as I didn’t want her Polish Pottery, but with nostalgia, maybe.  Regret, possibly.  I was nostalgic for the place I had been surrounded by the blue and white plates and bowls, and regretting that I had not brought that part of Europe back with me.

One evening at a Chaplains’ Spouses’ Coffee the hostess served all the food in Polish Pottery and I mentioned my homesickness and regret to the Chaplain Spouse beside me. As I was speaking, she was saying that she had a lot of Polish Pottery to sell!  She had purchased it in Poland for her mother who was not able to use it and she needed to sell it.

I was hooked!  I talked to Matt and he said that I could most definitely have that for my Mother’s Day gift.  From the moment these plates and dishes entered my home I have felt sincere joy at each meal, even when we’re just eating reheated pizza off of them.

I feel like God had my back in this.  It was a treat that was undeserved, unexpected, and I assure you, quite appreciated!

So here it is!  My Polish Pottery Collection:


_JEN8656 _JEN8662 _JEN8667 _JEN8663 _JEN8669 _JEN8676

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8 Responses to My Mother’s Day Gift(s) – 2013

  1. Christy says:

    Well, it looks like I have to kick you out of the “not-buying-Polish-pottery” club. 🙂 Good thing we’re still in the “don’t-like-dogs” club together! And I had to resign my position in the “Dr-Pepper-addict” club (almost 2 months, yay).

    • Jennifer says:

      It was definitely an emotional decision made during the height of my “homesick for all things Germany” time. I don’t regret it at all, though even when I was buying it I knew it was a very sentimental purchase. 🙂

      I’m getting rid of the dishes I’ve had since we got married because there’s no need for two full sets. (I actually got rid of some while we were in SC… I’ll let go of more once our HHGs arrive in light of our “More or Less” journey.)

      Never leaving the “don’t like dogs” club. EVER. Like for real. ever.

      Still in the Dr. Pepper loving club though I try not to have it often. 😦 Not nearly as often as I want one.

  2. Jennifer says:

    I love Polish pottery too, I get excited when Marshall’s gets pieces in. The Lord works in mysterious ways, now you have your pottery. I love to mix and match pieces. We move to Poland next year. Polish pottery 12 years ago used to be so cheap, it has really gone up in price now. I love how you can put them in the dishwasher and oven (Gat. 1). The colors just bring comfort to the home too.

  3. Wanted to respond yesterday to your request for a few simple things to make temp. living easier. If you would email me: i may have a couple of items but need to know where to send them.

    I am buying Polish pottery a piece at a time for my very Polish neighbor who watches our home while we travel. I visted the pottery plant when I was in Poland and loved the pottery. A couple of days ago I found a lovely piece at a Thrift Shop in Salt Lake City. This was in the Christmas Pattern – a nice sized platter.

    • Jennifer says:

      I wish I had taken the time to visit Poland but it wasn’t a priority. No one can leave Europe having seen everything they wanted to or should have seen. Poland is one of my regrets. 🙂

      However, I’m pleased with my new set and am happily giving away the dishes I bought when we got married. No need to have both!

      Regarding things for our temporary life, I think we’re mostly covered. I’m meeting a lady tomorrow with a few things, another lady in a few weeks, and a friend we met in Germany in mid-July. I think we’re covered.

      It was so liberating to walk through Target yesterday and not “need” anything. There were things that were fun to look at but I only bought soap, TP, and other consumables. Nothing that would just add to our clutter or double what we already have!

      Thank you for offering!!! So happy with this experiment!

  4. Beth T says:

    Isn’t that just like God, to know you were going to be “homesick” for Europe and have already planned for that too.

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