Parker and some PCS fun

While our family was in the midst of packing up all that we have, Parker serenaded me with his ABC’s.  I understand that by showing this video to you, I am proving that I have not taught my three-year-old the correct ABCs and you might heap loads of horrible-mom judgement on me.  So be it.

I am sure he’ll do just fine when I teach him to read and for now, I’ll continue to let him say, “ABCDEF Cheese” and “nubba nubba bee” for LMNOP.  In fact, I’ll let him continue to think there are two “S”s in there.  I love it and am so glad he was willing to let me “bideo” it.

Because videos are time consuming to make/edit/process, I decided to combine the ABCs with a few swimming videos since all of these were taken within the past week.

The first time we swam with Parker he happily played on the steps and I didn’t need to worry too much about him.  The second time Matt got in with him while I went to a nearby Coinless Laundromat (coinless, as in, they use cards like at Chuck E. Cheese’s!  Pretty cool!) while the boys and Matt burned off some energy at the pool.

When I returned with clean clothes and three pizzas, Matt said, “Hey, come here!  You’ve gotta see this!  Video it!”  I pulled out my phone and proceeded to watch Parker jump off, not only the side of the pool, but a raised platform, and then a few minutes later, the higher platform!  Crazy nut!  He’s not afraid of anything.  Scared Matt, a little, because Parker would sometimes jump when Matt wasn’t quite ready.  He probably jumped about 50 times that night.  And since, he’s gotten more brave and Matt has trained him to jump in, swim back to the surface, and then Matt pulls him up out of the water.

He’s going to be a fish soon, but we need to get him actually swimming, instead of only treading water just below the surface!

Here are a few videos combined of Parker doing cute things.  Enjoy!

(Oh, and there’s a typo the word Tyler.  I know.  Sorry.  At this point I am not going to go back and fix it.)

Update:  12 JULY 2013 – Parker is swimming even better now.  Click here to see a new video.

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There was actually a stop in Tyler, Texas one night, between West Monroe and Killeen. There are two posts about that night, out of order. I have no idea why I didn’t catch that Killeen was our “fifth stop” as I was writing these.  Had a little on my mind…  Those two posts are Parker and some PCS Fun and I might have to eat some crow.
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