Fourth stop: Killeen, TX

Yesterday we woke up in TEXAS for the first time and had a great breakfast by the coolest pool we’d seen on our journey.  One day I’ll post the videos of Parker’s fearless swimming and jumping, but for now, I have work to do.  (Heading to housing today… praying for a good solution to a very big housing problem.  More on that later.)


Parker is always willing to help Matt get our luggage to the car:


We saw several billboards advertising this bakery.  Ultimately, we weren’t too impressed.



And then, we arrived in Killeen!!20130614-090431.jpgWe stopped by housing and they told us that we have at best a 3 month wait, at worst, a six month wait.  Working some solutions now, and prayers are appreciated!
I have to get off here to get ready for the day so I’ll write more later… have a great weekend and please keep my Colorado friends in your mind and in your prayers.  Several of my friends have evacuated their homes.

All about our PCS from SC to TX:

Tschuss, SC!
First stop:  Brentwood, TN
The Hamricks meet Dave Ramsey!!
Second stop:  Memphis, TN
Third Stop:  West Monroe, LA
There was actually a stop in Tyler, Texas one night, between West Monroe and Killeen. There are two posts about that night, out of order. I have no idea why I didn’t catch that Killeen was our “fifth stop” as I was writing these.  Had a little on my mind…  Those two posts are Parker and some PCS Fun and I might have to eat some crow.
Fourth stop:  Killeen, TX (YOU ARE HERE)
More on meeting Dave Ramsey…
Parker and some PCS fun
More from West Monroe.
I might have to eat some crow.

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11 Responses to Fourth stop: Killeen, TX

  1. Beth T says:

    The Collin St. bakery makes good fruitcakes if you are a fruitcake lover.
    They ship them all over the world.
    Can’t speak for the other baked goods,though.

    • Jennifer says:

      Not a fruit cake fan and their other things were full of nuts. I like nuts but not in my cookies. For real: they don’t even MAKE a chocolate chip cookie without nuts!!! They lost me there.

      I got lemon cookies that didn’t float my boat, but I’ll take your word on the fruit cake. 🙂

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