Third stop: West Monroe, LA

After leaving Graceland we drove south to a destination only I knew about.  Before we left South Carolina I had told a handful of people about this part of our trip, but no one on the journey knew but me. I had used a decoy map in a previous (called from SC to TX via TN) to keep Matt from figuring out where we were going. When we crossed the Louisiana state line Matt called me, thinking we were way off course. I just smiled and told him to trust me. Before long his riding partner figured it out but my three were clueless until I revealed it to them in our hotel parking lot: 20130612-191730.jpg We ate dinner at Cracker Barrel and then drove to Duck Commander Headquarters. 20130612-192752.jpg Yesterday we woke up and I went for a run in the center of the sun, and found myself at the HQ again: 20130612-192907.jpg About a mile away from our hotel I recognized a big black truck coming toward me and had a clear view of the driver.  It was WILLIE!!!

He had a passenger in his car though I couldn’t tell who it was.  He waved at me as any good Southerner will.  (I received at least two dozen waves on this particular morning run.)  I waved back.  I may have waved a little too excitedly.  I may have embarrassed myself, though there was no one around who could verify this for me so I’ll leave it at that.  How cool!  I saw one of the Duckmen!!

I shared my good news with the boys when I returned home, and we were hopeful that we’d see one of the Duckmen when we went to the store.  Unfortunately, my drive-by waving was the closest we were going to get to them. We shopped and bought a few treats at the Headquarters, including two different duck calls.  The boys have perfected the sitting and flying sounds.  (That’s been interesting!)

Soon I’ll share about our entrance into the state of Texas.  That deserves a post of its own so I’ll save it for for later (see I might have to eat some crow when it goes live).

All about our PCS from SC to TX:

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Third Stop:  West Monroe, LA  (YOU ARE HERE)
There was actually a stop in Tyler, Texas one night, between West Monroe and Killeen. There are two posts about that night, out of order. I have no idea why I didn’t catch that Killeen was our “fifth stop” as I was writing these.  Had a little on my mind…  Those two posts are Parker and some PCS Fun and I might have to eat some crow.
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More on meeting Dave Ramsey…
Parker and some PCS fun
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I might have to eat some crow.

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12 Responses to Third stop: West Monroe, LA

  1. A run in the center of the sun, LOL! You’re cracking me up!

  2. Beth T says:

    How about that, not being a Duck Commander follower, I didn’t know they were from W. Monroe,LA.
    My dad grew up in W. Monroe! Maybe he knows some of the guys,as he loves to duck hunt!

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