Boxes, shoulders, rain, charcoal, and a turtle.

I am glad to say that the packing and loading part of our PCS has ended.  Now we are on vacation! This is what our house looked like at lunch time yesterday.


We can fully relax now because our things are gone, our house is fairly clean, and Matt passed a PT test that held the future of our Army Career in its hands.  It was a major deal for him to pass it.  I haven’t shared here with you that he has an injured rotator cuff and he’s been off and on a temporary profile since August.  They’ve tried meds, physical therapy, and we are praying he doesn’t need surgery.  The temporary profile was not good enough to exempt him from taking a PT test to graduate from C4, the class he’s been here at Fort Jackson to take!!

His temporary profile expired a while back and yesterday he was set to take this test that has been hanging over his head since January.  He passed and (because he would never say it himself…) he blew it out of the water!  He did great!  He ran his fastest two miles on record ever and rocked the push-ups (the only part of the test he was worried about). He got to 40 and stopped.  No need to anger the shoulder any more than necessary.

One last thing about the PT test:  he had several of his classmates join him at 0530 to support him and cheer him on.  Matt was the only person taking the test as the rest of his peers took it near the beginning of the course.  I am so touched by the men who got out of bed and came to a PT field on a day they could have just as easily slept in.  Oh, this Army community is a precious family.

But getting back to the topic of our PCS:

We spent last Tuesday through Thursday setting aside the things we wanted to keep with us during the time we are to live like nomads.  We stuffed all of these things into our cars on Friday while the packing team came and put all of the contents of our cabinets and closets into boxes.

Then on Sunday I cleaned and sanitized a bathroom and converted that to our “DO NOT TOUCH” room.  That kept us from having to move everything all the way back to the cars.


I even set up my coffee pot in this bathroom so I didn’t have to worry that the overzealous packers might pack it away.  If I’m going to be in a hotel for an undefined amount of time, I’m going to have good coffee at my leisure without the temptation of hitting a Starbucks every morning!


At one point yesterday a sudden storm hit and the loaders had to rush like crazy to get my boxes in out of the rain.  It was a heavy storm and I am actually quite concerned about the printer that was in the rain for about three minutes before it got moved back into the garage.  We’ll see…




My title mentioned charcoal:  Here’s a quick trick to keep appliances smelling fresh during transport and storage.  Get some inexpensive charcoal and stuff a tube sock with the briquets.  Tie a knot in the top and place one filled tube sock in each compartment: washer, dryer, fridge, freezer, and deep freezer.

I know this keeps the appliances from smelling musty because all of my appliances have been in storage for the three years we were in Germany and I stored them in this way.

NOTE:  If you send your very helpful husband on an errand and ask for a small bag of charcoal, specify that you do not want it to have lighter fluid in it.  We ended up trading some neighbors this lighter-fluid-filled charcoal for some of their plain charcoal.  I don’t think I would like my appliances smelling like gasoline.  (This purchase was pre-PT test… he had a little on his mind.)

During the excitement of the move the boys and a neighbor friend found a HUGE turtle in our street.  We did a very quick discussion of turtles, examined it, and then drove a half-mile away to release him into the lake.




Today we are heading to visit a few people in NC.  We have a very small window to meet the new baby girl of some of our former students… students Matt flew back from Germany for to perform their wedding.  They’re in from Alaska and we can’t meet them any other day.  Today it is.

We’re going to be just a few miles from a hundred people we’d love to see and hug, and it’s going to hurt my heart that we won’t get to go door-to-door to love on them.

So as I stated in the first few sentences:  we are on vacation mode:  Matt is done with his PT test, has completed all the requirements for C4, our goods are packed and on their way to Texas, our house is fairly clean, and we get to go see loved ones and hold a squishy new baby.  Seriously…. we’re so on vacation.

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