Memorial Day

I wrote this a year ago and my sentiments remain. My appreciation for the fallen has not diminished and I pray the families missing their loved ones have more peace with each passing day.


I know I can’t do our fallen heroes justice, so let’s start with that understanding.  I cannot say anything that comes close to showing my appreciation for their sacrifice.  No amount of words can let the families left behind know just how grateful we as a nation are for their sacrifice.  I have friends who lost their husbands in defense of this country and I am continually amazed at their strength and grace.

I realized something today, something that I’ve always known in my mind but rarely allow to filter down into my heart:  I am but one bullet away from being a widow.  One IED away from having someone hand me a folded flag.

As a civilian, Memorial Day was a day off from school; a day for cook outs and spending time with my family.  I assure you that I never knew what it meant.  Veteran’s…

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  1. We just returned from decorating graves. My DAR Chapter buys the Flags and people come and help us. We had all ages from VFW to Cub Scouts. It was good to walk from grave to grave. Some of the names were familiar to us and the men we were helping had stories to share about many of them. It truly was an honor to place a flag and say thanks. My husband is a Viet Nam Vet and he was touched as well.

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